Posted in NEWS on May 25, 2014

By Event Coverage Staff

5. King Macar, the Gold-Cursed

With Black being back on the menu, after dropping in popularity in Born of the Gods, the Gold-making king is high on many wish lists for rares to open. We saw it do a whole lot of work here this weekend. Tomoharu Saito had it in his sealed deck on Saturday, ending the day with an 8-1 record, and although it only showed up in Alex Majlaton's sideboard in the top 8 it is surely one of the most powerful cards from Journey into Nyx, allowing for complete lock downs unlike any other cards.

4. Hubris

Let's face it. Bounce spells matter in this format. A lot. In a format filled with big tempo players, bestow tricks, a variety of auras that really want to come into play, and monstrosity, spells that undo that hard work are at a premium, and Hubris is easily one of the best. The new blue bounce spell from Journey into Nyx can even go a step further than the already well-respected Voyage's End, returning bestowed cards on that creature you are returned.

Aside from the huge swing in tempo this can give a deck in a racing situation, Hubris's effect also can be beneficial for yourself alongside auras that grant you good effects. Looking to save your creature that has a Stratus Walk attached? Go for it, and you'll even draw another card once you replay your Stratus Walk. What about Raised by Wolves? We saw this one happen in Jon Stern's Semifinal match against William Jensen, where he not only saved his enchanted creature, but also got to re-cast his five-mana aura in order to make two more wolves. Such a swing in cards can turn the tides, and Hubris is capable of it all.

3. Eidolon of Countless Battles

With good bestow creatures being harder to come by with Journey into Nyx in the mix the super powerful rare from Born of the Gods is just what white drafters are hoping to open. Which is exactly what Tomoharu Saito did in the top 8 draft. It allowed him to overcome first Vidianto Wijaya in the quarterfinal and then Charley Murdock in the semifinal. The unpredictability of the Eidolon really changes combat math and allows for lethal damage almost out of nowhere. With the added bonus of some players miscounting and wasting removal spells on the bestowed creature that turns out to be bigger than they thought.

2. Rise of Eagles

Arise, my birds! Rise of Eagles has proven to be a pivotal sorcery for many decks this weekend. In Sealed, the format is generally slower than Booster Draft, but the addition of Journey into Nyx in this Limited format hampered the speed across both Sealed and Draft. With the format now slower, being able to create two creatures with one card – all while getting a chance to scry – has made this sorcery a great top-end for many decks in this format.

While we didn't see the interaction in his Quarterfinal match, the potential for No. 18 Ranked Player Chris Fennell to even recur this "four power of flying for six mana" spell with Mnemonic Wall. Add into the fact that this also turns any of your bounce spells into a way to reset this little combo, and you have a recipe for a lot of creatures if needed.

1. Golden Hind

Coming into Journey into Nyx last weekend most players listed the Hind as the best green common. But not a lot of players were willing to force Green as bad as Jon Stern did here this weekend. In the top 8 drafts he admitted to a bit of a gamble, by first picking a Fleetfeather Cockatrice, so he couldn't be happier when he also got a copy of the Golden Hind to his Green/Blue deck. All weekend we've seen him accelerate with either Golden Hind or Font of Fertility, maximizing the advantage to cast powerful Green creatures a turn earlier than you would expect. Both games in the finals saw him cast turn two Golden Hind, and in both games Tomoharu Saito never got more than four damage past the Hind.