Posted in NEWS on May 11, 2014

By Tobi Henke


5. Sigiled Starfish

Tomoharu Saito ranked the Starfish third on his list of commons from Journey into Nyx and even first-picked it over Ajani, Mentor of Heroes; Denniz Rachid called it his favorite first pick, Alessandro Portaro started his second draft with back-to-back Starfishes, and many more considered it to be underrated still. Top 8 member Bernhard Lehner drafted a deck which made it to the semifinals with three of the little blighters, and was never sad to draw one. While the 0/3 creature's influence on the game isn't always as immediate or as noticeable as with other top cards on this list, the pros were fully in agreement: this fish is a real star!


4. Golden Hind

By all the data available to us, the color which gained the most from the introduction of Journey into Nyx into the Limited mix clearly was green. One of the players who had figured this out was Frank Karsten who credited Golden Hind in particular for many of his wins. While he didn't make the Top 8 to put these ideas into practice, it's clear that he wasn't the only one to hold Golden Hind in high regard. Fabrizio Anteri put two copies to great use in his blue green deck, powering out huge threats including a frequently massive Mistcutter Hydra with this innocuous looking common.


3. Daring Thief

Olle Rade described Daring Thief as one of the rares he was most interested in building around in Journey Into Nyx draft, and it seems he wasn't the only one. While the little mischief-maker might take a little bit of work to get going, trading your worst permanents for some of your opponents' best is a game changing ability appreciated by many. Tomoharu Saito did good work with his, sometimes using his own Akroan Mastiffs to tap it, and on occasion even getting to pull off the saucy combo of Retraction Helix to tap the thief, and bounce a permanent already exchanged. Do not be fooled, this little fellow steals games.


2. Akroan Mastiff

There has been a long and storied history of white creatures that tap down the opposition. By and large these creatures have cost about two. As such when the big dog comes along with his big price tag, it is easy to initially react a little negatively to him. Learn to love the big dog though. He'll keep you safe by tapping down some of the most massive monsters Magic has ever seen, as Theros block limited is a place filled with really big threats.

Even better than just that though, Akroan Mastiff works beautifully with the likes of inspire creatures such as King Macar, the Gold-Cursed. Tapping has never been a more relevant ability, and cards like Akroan Mastiff and Siren Song Lyre have been instrumental in wins all weekend long.


1. Nessian Game Warden

Many Pros have referred to Nessian Game Warden as being 'the green Mulldrifter'. For five mana you get a whole lot. For a kick off there's that 4/5 body - a threat that cannot be ignored on most boards. On top of that though, you will almost certainly be drawing a creature, and in many cases it will be the best creature of a few different options. Great on more or less any turn of the game, this is just one of the threats that have pushed green over the top as the colour to play at GP Warsaw.