Top 5 Cards of Grand Prix Milan

Posted in NEWS on June 29, 2014

By Tobi Henke

These were the cards that shaped the tournament, that sparked discussions and were the most debated, the cards that won games and turned Grand Prix Milan into an event to remember ...

5. Hydra Broodmaster

When future generations will chronicle the story of Theros Block Limited, one aspect of the format will certainly play a big role, and that is the ability to go really big. Part of the reason why this environment leads to some absurdly large creatures is heroic, of course, but the trademark way to create truly impressive monsters has to be monstrosity. And Hydra Broodmaster is one of the biggest of them all, with enough mana certainly the biggest, full stop. In a couple of featured matches throughout the weekend, the Broodmaster and its Hydra offspring proved a fast and almost unstoppable game winner.

4. Kruphix's Insight

One of the somewhat under-used build-around-me cards from the block did at least get to shine a little bit during this last Grand Prix. Maximizing the number of enchantments in one's deck is not the only trick to making Kruphix's Insight work, of course. Graveyard synergies like Nemesis of Mortals and March of the Returned go a long way toward tapping the full potential of the card, and Font of Return is particularly good with it.

3. Evangel of Heliod

When Theros was first released, the more aggressive nature of the format meant Evangel of Heliod couldn't really live up to its full potential as especially the white decks weren't really looking for a 6-drop. As such Evangel of Heliod was usually relegated to the sidelines. Things have changed somewhat with the completion of the full block and one of the players to realize this fact was none other than eventual champion Jérémy Dezani. In his Top 8 draft deck Evangel of Heliod played a crucial role in his quarterfinal and semifinal victories.

2. Font of Fertility

A lot has been written about green's ability to accelerate into larger threats ahead of curve. With the addition of Journey into Nyx, green had gained Golden Hind as well as Font of Fertility and, as a result, made quite the jump in overall power. This time in the Top 8, it was Nico Bohny who utilized that newfound power to pilot an otherwise rather clunky blue-green deck all the way to the finals.

1. God-Favored General

The Gods of Theros surely favored the little 1/1. Throughout the course of the weekend, God-Favored General inspired win after win after win in the feature match area. In fact, in the hands of Jérémy Dezani, the unassuming creature was an important part of the tournament-winning deck. Especially so when Dezani assembled the deadly combination with Harvestguard Alseids where the General-generated tokens triggered the Alseids every turn anew to, in turn, allow God-Favored General to continue attacking indefinitely.