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Posted in Top Decks on December 7, 2016

By Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis Scott-Vargas plays, writes, and makes videos about Magic. He has played on the Pro Tour for almost a decade, and between that and producing content for ChannelFireball, often has his hands full (of cards).

The Standard Showdown is in full swing, and we've got a lot of decklists to take a look at. As the Showdowns continue, we will see more and more innovation and lots of very sweet decks to choose from. As usual, I'll take a look at decks from each major archetype, giving you the best range of options to choose from.


I had the good fortune to cover a Metallurgic Summons deck on camera in the feature match area at Grand Prix Denver, so choosing this decklist was a no-brainer. Metallurgic Summonings is just such a sweet card, and it provides a powerful long-game advantage to boot.

Blue-Black Metallurgic Summonings

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Game Plan: Resolve Metallurgic Summonings and trade removal and counterspells one-for-one with opposing cards, getting free tokens each time.

Every card in this deck is either a kill spell, a counterspell, a draw spell, or a Metallurgic Summonings, which makes it very focused. While you do need to know how to sequence your removal, and what to use it on, the plan of this deck is relatively simple. Thanks to Torrential Gearhulk, this deck can win games without Summonings, even though it does want to draw Summonings each game.

Play This If: You want to win the game through attrition and by accumulating incremental value.

We've seen a number of Dynavolt Tower decks hit the scene, but a Jeskai version is new and noteworthy. What can I say: I like spell-based build-arounds when it comes to control decks these days!

Jeskai Dynavolt

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Game Plan: Control the game with removal while stacking up energy thanks to Dynavolt Tower, Harnessed Lightning, and Glimmer of Genius. Convert that energy into damage thanks to Dynavolt Tower, which is a win condition and permanent removal spell all in one.

Like the Summonings deck, this deck is extremely focused and has a high spell density as a result. It's worth noting that Rise from the Tides serves as a backup win condition, and that this deck has so much removal due to the access to three colors. Between all the different spells, this deck can answer pretty much any threat the format can throw at it.

Play This If: Winning with Metallurgic Summonings sounds too fast. Dynavolt Tower is a win condition for patient mages indeed.


Baconhoof Behemoth isn't a card we've seen make waves thus far, but it's a very powerful card indeed. This next deck utilizes the graveyard to assemble a beatdown squad, and from that emerges the Decimator.

Black-Green Delirium Emerge

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Game Plan: Don't let the name fool you—this isn't the Black-Green Delirium deck you expect. This deck is trying to fill its graveyard with recursive creatures and bring back Prized Amalgam as a result, which then allows you to emerge Decimator of the Provinces and end the game.

The same tricks that made Grixis Emerge powerful work here, like discarding Prized Amalgam to get back Ghoulsteed and paying emerge costs by cheating out these creatures. The green adds Grapple with the Past and Vessel of Nascency, making the deck much more efficient at filling its graveyard and enabling its synergies.

Play This If: You want to attack for 30 out of nowhere (or if you expect a lot of removal-based decks).

Thalia's Lieutenant is a card that hasn't seen nearly as much play as it used to, but it's still incredibly powerful. This deck revives the Human tribe with a vengeance and even touches green for some cards that are very good in the current metagame.

Green-White Humans

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Game Plan: Cast Humans. Cast Thalia's Lieutenant. Cast Heron's Grace Champion. Profit.

This is a straightforward aggro deck, though it's got a bit more staying power than you might expect. The basic game plan of curving out and beating down is always plan A, but cards like Tireless Tracker and Duskwatch Recruiter give the deck a legitimate long game. Sigarda, Heron's Grace protects you from Emrakul's trigger, and flies over any kind of ground stall, making the deck that much more resilient.

Play This If: You just want to attack, yet you still want to be able to win long games.


We've seen Pummeler decks float around for a while, but they haven't been at the forefront of Standard. They are still viable, and any deck that can threaten to attack for 20-plus damage on turn four is worth considering.

Red-Green Pummeler

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Game Plan: Generate energy, then use pump spells and energy to make Electrostatic Pummeler truly gigantic.

This deck has plenty of ways to win that don't involve Pummeler, but all the best draws certainly do. Larger than Life is the most explosive pump spell, but there are plenty of options to choose from, and your opponents will not consider themselves safe even when they have a ton of blockers and a full life total.

Play This If: You don't expect a lot of removal spells, and you like doubling things.

I know that Marvel is seeing plenty of play already, but this take on the deck plays very differently from the red-green versions. Getting white cards like Fumigate, Planar Outburst, and Descend upon the Sinful makes this a hybrid control/combo deck, though any deck with Aetherworks Marvel is primarily going to be considered combo.

Green-White Marvel

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Game Plan: Blow up the world with sweepers, then gain enough energy to use Aetherworks Marvel. Find an Eldrazi and end the game at your leisure.

Dynavolt Tower is one of the main energy sources in the deck, though Woodweaver's Puzzleknot does its fair share as well. This deck isn't in as much of a race to get to six energy as classic Marvel decks, which is part of what drew my eye. I like the ability to reset the board at will, especially because opponents who see Aetherworks Marvel will rush to fill the board with creatures.

Play This If: You like blowing up the world, summoning Eldrazi, or both. This deck also fares especially well against midrange creature decks.

There are many paths to choose from if you are competing in the Standard Showdown, and the decks I covered today only begin to scratch the surface. Best of luck!


Standard Showdown is four-week event celebrating all that is Standard, with local tournaments, cool prizes, and opportunities for bragging rights and brewing.

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