Posted in NEWS on December 9, 2013

Six rounds in and initial impressions seem to be correct. Devotion decks are everywhere, specifically of the Mono Black and Mono Blue variety. Esper is right there with them, and a variety of Red decks looking to punish Esper and Mono Black are nipping at their heels.

Not coincidentally, our Top 32 currently mirrors the tournament as a whole. Mono Blue Devotion leads the pack with seven entrants, but the Pack (Rat) itself is right behind with five copies, alongside Esper Control.

But a larger trend is emerging directly behind them: Red decks trying to kill you. Red Devotion, Mono Red Aggro, and RG Midrange might be distinct archetypes, but they’re all looking to be a little bit faster, a little bit sleeker, and kill you a little bit deader than all of the Blue and Black decks.

White is getting the least love, partaking in only a couple splashes in decks that have another color as their primary. For example, of the Red Devotion decks, two were splashing White for Chained to the Rocks and a few other sideboard cards. Just a single, solitary White agro deck—splashing Red—could be found among the Top 32.

We’ll revisit the Top Tables at the end of the day, but don’t be surprised to see the same patterns emerge: this tournament is being beaten Black and Blue.

Mono Blue Devotion 7
Mono Black Devotion 5
Esper Control 5
Red Devotion 3
Mono Red Aggro 3
RG Midrange 2
Naya Aggro 1
WG Aggro 1
Naya Control 1
BW Midrange 1
Mono Black Aggro 1
GR Devotion 1
WR Aggro 1