Posted in NEWS on December 9, 2013

I was originally going to wait until the final round of the day to do the Top Tables round-up again, to give the tournament room to breath, grow, and change. I didn’t want to just repeat what I said in the Round 6 metagame report [link to the Round 6 Top Tables feature], that Blue and Black Devotion decks plus Esper Control were at the top. It would be dull and uninformative.

Turns out I didn’t have to wait long.

As you can see, Mono Red Aggressive decks, much like the one played by Willy Edel [link to Round 7 feature match] have taken over the top spot. Blue and Black-based devotion decks are still near the top, but Esper specifically and control generally have taken big dips. Let’s take a look at the chart:

Mono Red Aggro 6
Mono Blue Devotion 5
Mono Black Devotion 3
Green Red Devotion 3
Green Blue Devotion 2
Red White Aggro 2
Mono White Aggro 2
Green Red Midrange 2
Red White Devotion 1
Black Green Devotion 1
UW Control 1
UWR Control 1
Esper 1
Naya Aggro 1
WG Aggro 1

Basic lands are reigning supreme over all the land. Devotion and Mono Red are easily dominating the Top Tables in all forms and varieties. New entrant Green Blue Devotion eschews Red for powerful cards like Cyclonic Rift and Prime Speaker Zegana, but essentially run on the same engine as GR Devotion. In fact, we can probably break this down into some more inclusive macro-archetypes:

Red-based Aggro 8
Blue-based Devotion 5
Black-based Devotion 4
Green-based devotion 5
Red-based Devotion 1
UW-based Control 3
Selsnya-based attack decks 2
Gruul-based attack decks 2
White-based attack decks 2

Or how about this?

Mono Colored 16
Small Splash 9
Two colors 4
Three colors 3

It seems the more hopelessly devoted you are to one color—whether you’re using the actual Devotion mechanic or not—the more likely you are to remain among the top tables. Players have talked extensively about how difficult the mana in Standard can be, and this weekend, at least, the most stable mana bases seem to be winning out.