Top 25 Rankings: October 23, 2014

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By Wizards of the Coast

As we take our weekly look at the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings, there are several distinct groups to pick out. Our first "group" is something of a misnomer since it is Owen Turtenwald, who stands alone at No. 1. With a lead of almost 8 points, it requires Jérémy Dezani to outright win his next Grand Prix to claim the top spot back from Turtenwald, who is there in part due to his second successive 12–4 scorecard at the Pro Tour.

Dezani heads group two, containing three Pro Tour champions from the past year. In addition to Dezani, there's Born of the Gods winner Shaun McLaren, and Magic 2015 victor Ivan Floch, with Reid Duke sandwiched between them at No. 4. As defending Player of the Year, Dezani will see his points total decay the most of anyone, naturally bringing him closer to his rivals, but all four had excellent seasons last year, so this effect won't be pronounced.

Once we're past Floch at No.5, there's another sharp jump to Yuuya Watanabe. Again, we're in the Top 2/Top 1 of a GP here in terms of moving up a slot. Watanabe leads a group of six players looking to remain in the Top 10. Our latest Pro Tour champion, Ari Lax, sits at No. 7. Lee Shi Tian is the No. 8 via his Pro Tour Top 8 two weeks ago. William Jensen is next, then Stanislav Cifka is holding off Eric Froehlich from the Top 10 by barely half a point.

From No.12 Paul Rietzl down to No.25 Christian Calcano, it's incredibly tight, with almost any points finish at a GP likely to see multiple ranking shifts. Were Calcano (44.16) to win a GP, he would potentially vault all the way up to No.12 from a single event. So it's no surprise to see plenty of shifts in the lower half of the table this week. The two biggest movers were teammates Alexander Hayne (up four to No. 17) and Jacob Wilson (up three to No.19). Brad Nelson continued to show his mastery of Standard with a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix Los Angeles, which sees him enter the Top 25 at No. 23.

Next up is Grand Prix Stockholm, and a chance for the likes of Dezani, Floch, and Cifka to climb the table. Join us next week to see if they can, with the latest Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings.

Rank Name Points Change Previous
1 Owen Turtenwald 80.31 1
2 Jeremy Dezani 73.77 2
3 Shaun McLaren 71.34 3
4 Reid Duke 69.52 4
5 Ivan Floch 67.86 5
6 Yuuya Watanabe 61.98 6
7 Ari Lax 61.58 7
8 Lee Shi Tian 59.19 8
9 William Jensen 58.64 9
10 Stanislav Cifka 56.70 10
11 Eric Froehlich 56.25 11
12 Paul Rietzl 51.76 12
13 Ben Stark 51.04 +1 14
14 Josh Utter-Leyton 49.55 -1 13
15 Patrick Chapin 48.98 +1 16
16 Yuuki Ichikawa 47.19 -1 15
17 Alexander Hayne 47.04 +4 21
18 Tom Martell 46.55 -1 17
19 Jacob Wilson 46.40 +3 22
20 Raphael Levy 46.25 -2 18
20 Shahar Shenhar 46.25 -1 19
22 Samuel Black 46.19 -2 20
23 Brad Nelson 45.52 NR
24 Mike Sigrist 44.85 -1 23
25 Christian Calcano 44.16 25

Dropped from rankings: Andrew Cuneo

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