Posted in NEWS on May 25, 2014

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

For many players, including those on the Top 25 Rankings, a Grand Prix in Atlanta simply meant staying for an additional week after Pro Tour Journey into Nyx, which also took place in the peach state's capitol. For others, a few days back home, whether it was for rest or for work, was the intermission between these two events. For many, a short (or long) drive or a flight was how they'd make the trip into town for this weekend's Grand Prix.

But for Kansas Magic player Davin Taylor, his trip was anything but easy. A road trip from his hometown of Wichita to Atlanta spans around 950 miles and is a 14 hour drive, hardly an issue for someone who was starting his road trip on a Thursday...

...until you factor in the dead car engine that threw a wrench into his plans. "Everything went fine until our engine seized in Alabama," he said. "The car is totaled, so the engine has to be replaced. We were stuck in Alabama for about ten hours, and we made some calls to figure out what we could do, such as friends and family. They all had the same solution – that I need to get back to Wichita so that we can take care of this."

This was not the solution Taylor was fine with, and it was not the one he was going to take. He found someone who could help him replace his engine in Alabama, but it would not be ready until next week. "I came here to play Magic. I came here to do what I love, meet people, and just enjoy a Grand Prix. I wasn't going to let this stop me," he said.

Taylor and his friend got a ride to a bus stop, chartering that into Atlanta and abandoning his car for the week in a state he does live in so that he could attend and enjoy this weekend's Grand Prix.

Davin Taylor was intent on attending his third Grand Prix, so much that he was unwilling to let a silly little thing like a shot car engine stop him from making the journey.

Taylor's car engine won't be ready to go until Wednesday, meaning that he and his friend will be taking an extended stay in Atlanta. However, it was easily worth it to him. "I'm not going to let something that's going to resolve just ruin my weekend. I'm going to come here and enjoy it," he said.

Grand Prix Atlanta marks Taylor's third ever Grand Prix, his first being in Oklahoma City last year, when he first made the jump into the Grand Prix circuit after playing for a decade. Taylor made it on time to play in the Mega Trial that took place yesterday, where he got half a box for his record. And a solid finish in this weekend's main event would be quite a way to cap off an adventurous trip in!