Tribal Types in the New Standard

Posted in Arcana on September 24, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Mistform UltimusDon't forget me!

AsLorwyn approaches, the type line gains new significance. Some of the tribes of Lorwyn get only a few scattered members from Coldsnap, Time Spiral Block, and Tenth Edition, and others will enjoy an overflowing tribal cornucopia! Today we take a look at all the creatures in post-Ravnica, pre-Lorwyn Standard that fall into Lorwyn's eight tribal races, and a few non-creatures that matter, too.


Amrou Scout Time Spiral
Amrou Seekers Time Spiral
Goldmeadow Lookout Future Sight
Mistmeadow Skulk Future Sight


Ambassador Laquatus Tenth Edition
Coral Trickster Time Spiral
Lord of Atlantis Time Spiral "Timeshifted"
Merfolk Assassin Time Spiral "Timeshifted"
Merfolk Looter Tenth Edition
Merfolk Thaumaturgist Planar Chaos
Riptide Pilferer Planar Chaos
Rootwater Commando Tenth Edition
Rootwater Matriarch Tenth Edition
Diamond Faerie


Cloud Sprite Tenth Edition
Cloudseeder Future Sight
Diamond Faerie Coldsnap
Scryb Ranger Time Spiral
Sprite Noble Time Spiral

Note that Faerie Conclave counts as a Faerie when activated.


Bloodshot Trainee Future Sight
Emberwilde Augur Future Sight
Festering Goblin Tenth Edition
Firefright Mage Planar Chaos
Flamewave Invoker Tenth Edition
Goblin Elite Infantry Tenth Edition
Goblin Furrier Coldsnap
Goblin King Tenth Edition
Goblin Piker Tenth Edition
Goblin Rimerunner Coldsnap
Goblin Sky Raider Tenth Edition
Goblin Skycutter Time Spiral
Goblin Snowman Time Spiral "Timeshifted"
Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician Time Spiral
Mogg Fanatic Tenth Edition
Mogg War Marshal Time Spiral
Raging Goblin Tenth Edition
Siege-Gang Commander Tenth Edition
Skirk Shaman Planar Chaos
Squee, Goblin Nabob Tenth Edition
Steamflogger Boss Future Sight
Stingscourger Planar Chaos
Thick-Skinned Goblin Time Spiral

Note also that Empty the Warrens and Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII can create Goblin tokens.


Fomori Nomad
Bloodfire Colossus Tenth Edition
Boldwyr Intimidator Future Sight
Chronosavant Time Spiral
Craw Giant Time Spiral "Timeshifted"
Cyclopean Giant Time Spiral
Desolation Giant Time Spiral "Timeshifted"
Durkwood Tracker Time Spiral
Fomori Nomad Future Sight
Hammerheim Deadeye Planar Chaos
Hill Giant Tenth Edition
Ivory Giant Time Spiral
Jotun Grunt Coldsnap
Jotun Owl Keeper Coldsnap
Thundering Giant Tenth Edition

Note that Foriysian Totem counts as a Giant when activated, and Pact of the Titan creates a Giant token.


Radha, Heir to Keld
Allosaurus Rider Coldsnap
Boreal Druid Coldsnap
Civic Wayfinder Tenth Edition
Elven Riders Tenth Edition
Elvish Berserker Tenth Edition
Elvish Champion Tenth Edition
Elvish Piper Tenth Edition
Essence Warden Planar Chaos
Gaea's Herald Tenth Edition
Greenseeker Time Spiral
Joiner Adept Tenth Edition
Llanowar Augur Future Sight
Llanowar Elves Tenth Edition
Llanowar Empath Future Sight
Llanowar Mentor Future Sight
Llanowar Sentinel Tenth Edition
Pendelhaven Elder Time Spiral
Primal Forcemage Time Spiral
Radha, Heir to Keld Planar Chaos
Riftsweeper Future Sight
Skyshroud Ranger Tenth Edition
Thelon of Havenwood Time Spiral
Thelonite Hermit Time Spiral
Thornscape Battlemage Time Spiral "Timeshifted"
Thornweald Archer Future Sight
Viridian Shaman Tenth Edition


Deadwood Treefolk Planar Chaos
Heartwood Storyteller Future Sight
Scarwood Treefolk Time Spiral
Sheltering Ancient Coldsnap
Verdeloth the Ancient Time Spiral "Timeshifted"

Note that Weatherseed Totem counts as a Treefolk when activated.


Grinning Ignus
Air Elemental Tenth Edition
Bogardan Firefiend Tenth Edition
Bogardan Rager Time Spiral
Brine Elemental Time Spiral
Char-Rumbler Future Sight
Cloud Elemental Tenth Edition
Coal Stoker Time Spiral
Deepfire Elemental Coldsnap
Dust Elemental Planar Chaos
Earth Elemental Tenth Edition
Flamecore Elemental Time Spiral
Fog Elemental Tenth Edition
Force of Savagery Future Sight
Greater Stone Spirit Coldsnap
Grinning Ignus Future Sight
Groundbreaker Planar Chaos
Lavacore Elemental Planar Chaos
Lightning Elemental Tenth Edition
Lightning Serpent Coldsnap
Lucent Liminid Future Sight
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer Tenth Edition
Primal Plasma Planar Chaos
Rift Elemental Future Sight
Skizzik Surger Future Sight
Spark Elemental Tenth Edition
Sparkspitter Future Sight
Spectral Force Time Spiral
Squall Drifter Coldsnap
Storm Entity Future Sight
Subterranean Shambler Time Spiral
Sulfur Elemental Planar Chaos
Tectonic Fiend Time Spiral
Tidewalker Planar Chaos
Timbermare Planar Chaos
Verdant Force Tenth Edition
Wilderness Elemental Coldsnap

Note that Balduvian Frostwaker can create Elemental tokens.

In addition, one Time Spiral Conspiracy might have some fun tribal interactions with Lorwyn, and one Tenth Edition Coat of Arms might be... somewhat powerful...

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