Tribes in Mirrodin

Posted in Arcana on November 11, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

The artifact-heavy impact of Mirrodin has begun tearing up metagames, but the tribal mechanics of the Onslaught block still hold sway in Standard and casual play alike. Mirrodin is the artifact block, but it still meshes with today's tribal-icious environment nicely (even if you don't count the Replica cycle).

Here's a master list of all the Mirrodin creatures belonging to the eight major Onslaught block tribes, ranked by number of creatures in each tribe. Enjoy integrating Mirrodin into your tribal decks.

Auriok Bladewarden Creature — Human Soldier

Soldiers were the big winner in Mirrodin, spanning three races (Cats, Elephants and Humans) and showing up on eight cards. Their compatibility with Equipment may help Soldiers make a smooth transition to the artifact block.

Auriok Steelshaper Creature — Human Soldier
Leonin Den-Guard Creature — Cat Soldier
Loxodon Peacekeeper Creature — Elephant Soldier
Loxodon Punisher Creature — Elephant Soldier
Soldier Replica Artifact Creature — Soldier
Taj-Nar Swordsmith Creature — Cat Soldier
Yotian Soldier Artifact Creature — Soldier
Arc-Slogger Creature — Beast

Beasts, Elves and Zombies tie for second with seven creatures each. Mirrodin Beasts such as Arc-Slogger and Molder Slug have already showed up in tournament decks that take advantage of their synergy with Ravenous Baloth and Contested Cliffs.

Broodstar Creature — Beast
Clockwork Vorrac Artifact Creature — Beast
Copperhoof Vorrac Creature — Beast
Fangren Hunter Creature — Beast
Groffskithur Creature — Beast
Molder Slug Creature — Beast
Elf Replica Artifact Creature — Elf

Glissa Sunseeker and Viridian Shaman are two Elves that will certainly see tournament play in the artifact block.

Glissa Sunseeker Creature — Elf Legend
Tel-Jilad Archers Creature — Elf Archer
Tel-Jilad Chosen Creature — Elf Warrior
Viridian Joiner Creature — Elf Druid
Viridian Shaman Creature — Elf Shaman
Wurmskin Forger Creature — Elf Warrior
Dross Prowler Creature — Zombie

The Nim could play center stage in an artifact-centric Zombie beatdown deck.

Nim Devourer Creature — Zombie
Nim Lasher Creature — Zombie
Nim Replica Artifact Creature — Zombie
Nim Shambler Creature — Zombie
Nim Shrieker Creature — Zombie
Woebearer Creature — Zombie
Fatespinner Creature — Human Wizard

Wizards come in next with six. Could Lumengrid Augur and Vedalken Archmage fuel a new artifact-based Wizard deck?

Lumengrid Augur Creature — Vedalken Wizard
Lumengrid Sentinel Creature — Human Wizard
Lumengrid Warden Creature — Human Wizard
Vedalken Archmage Creature — Vedalken Wizard
Wizard Replica Artifact Creature — Wizard
Goblin Replica Artifact Creature — Goblin

The creature type Goblin only appears on five cards (the Goblin War Wagon, Goblin Dirigible and Goblin Charbelcher don't actually help with the tribal mechanic; leave them for your Goblin theme deck). Perhaps the Goblin tribe didn't need much additional help after Onslaught block.

Goblin Striker Creature — Goblin Berserker
Krark-Clan Grunt Creature — Goblin Warrior
Krark-Clan Shaman Creature — Goblin Shaman
Spikeshot Goblin Creature — Goblin Shaman
Disciple of the Vault Creature — Human Cleric

Clerics occupy the penultimate spot with four cards. Look for the deceptively simple Disciple of the Vault in future tournament play.

Leonin Abunas Creature — Cat Cleric
Leonin Elder Creature — Cat Cleric
Loxodon Mender Creature — Elephant Cleric
Clockwork Condor Artifact Creature — Bird

Mirrodin doesn't supply much for Bird fans — just two cards.

Neurok Familiar Creature — Bird

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