Unseen tokens

Posted in Arcana on July 30, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Art is commissioned for most tokens that are needed for recent sets, and most of that art appears on the Player Rewards tokens given out by the DCI. But not all of it.

Because Magic Online needs to physically represent all the tokens in the game, art needs to be created for even the most insignificant tokens. And for some of that art, Magic Online is the only place it appears.

Below are three pieces of that art that was created for tokens from the Odyssey block. We'll come back later to look at the Invasion block tokens.

Odyssey Spirit (1/1 flying)
Artist: Dana Knutson
Made for: Kirtar's Wrath
Also works with: Funeral Pyre, Spirit Cairn
Judgment Bird (1/1 flying)
Artist: John Avon
Made for: Battle Screech
Judgment Cat (1/1 haste)
Artist: Mark Brill
Made for: Firecat Blitz

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