Upcoming Magic Rewards tokens

Posted in Arcana on November 17, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Like rewards for playing tournament Magic? Coming to a Magic Player Rewards program near you: new creature token cards. The next upcoming batch of tokens available through the program will be an Angel token (for use with Scourge's Decree of Justice) and a Pentavite token (for use with Mirrodin's Pentavus). Check out the art for both of these upcoming token cards.

See also this previous Magic Arcana to see how these creature tokens look in the new card frame.

Scourge Angel token art
Decree of Justice

Mirrodin Pentavite token art
BONUS: A glimpse into the future. One of the Magic Player Rewards tokens after the release of Fifth Dawn is a Myr token for use with Myr Incubator.

Mirrodin Myr token art
Myr Incubator

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