Posted in NEWS on April 12, 2014

By Josh Bennett

It's the Cadillac of constructed formats, where Magic's oldest and most powerful cards come out to play. Unfortunately, those cards are also some of the game's most scarce, and therefore command a staggering price tag. That goes double for Japan, so you might suspect that Vintage would be all but ignored here. I certainly thought so, but the interest is here, and growing!

As evidence, TokyoMTG hosted a tournament on Friday. They didn't expect to meet their cap of thirty-two players, but the event sold out well in advance. The field ran the gamut from seasoned Vintage ringers to absolute novices. There were prizes for the Top 3 (Unlimited Mox Pearl to the winner!) as well as a Plateau given out to the highest-placing unpowered player, one whose deck featured none of the iconic Power 9.

In the end, Kazuya Shinmura emerged victorious. Take a look at this beauty.