Vivid Land Art

Posted in Arcana on October 30, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Lorwyn's cycle of uncommon "Vivid" lands help multicolor decks fix their mana, and also show off some of the more colorful places on the plane of Lorwyn.

Vivid Grove

The art description of each card in the cycle contained a pretty simple request: to show a standard color-aligned location (a meadow, a creek, a marsh, a crag, or a grove) but with a rainbow of color somewhere in the piece. The five artists commissioned to illustrate the cards each solved the puzzle in a different way. Howard Lyon's Vivid Grove shows a spectrum of sunlight filtering through the forest canopy, while Martina Pilcerova's Vivid Crag shows prismatic light glinting off of shards of rock. Fred Fields's Vivid Creek has the spray of a short waterfall creating the rainbow effect, and Rob Alexander's Vivid Meadow shows a traditional rainbow bending across the sky above the plain. Finally, John Avon's Vivid Marsh brings in the prismatic effect by showing an oily residue reflecting in the murky water. Check them all out below. Got a favorite?

Vivid Meadow Vivid Meadow art by Rob Alexander
Vivid Creek Vivid Creek art by Fred Fields
Vivid Marsh Vivid Marsh art by John Avon
Vivid Crag Vivid Crag art by Martina Pilcerova
Vivid Grove Vivid Grove art by Howard Lyon

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