Wacky Draft Rules and Restrictions

Posted in NEWS on August 30, 2013

By Event Coverage Staff

Each player will be randomly assigned a draft stipulation that they must follow. During the draft, if a player can make a pick that fulfills the requirements of his or her draft rule, he or she must do so. If there are no cards that fulfill the draft rule, the player can draft any card in the pack.

There is an expectation of good faith on fulfilling draft requirements, but players are also encouraged to use spectators as spotters to help scan packs for draft-rule fulfillment.

Players are also encouraged to reserve the first card they see that fulfills the conditions of their rule so that their rule will be fulfilled if the timer runs down.

The Draft Rules

Name Rule Flavor Text
Bear Force One Must draft the card that fulfills the most of the following:
* converted mana cost 2
* 2 power
* 2 toughness
* green
* creature
Who doesn’t love a bear?
Look Sharpe Must draft the card with the best-dressed creature in the artwork. It’s important to look your best.
This Is Constructed, Right? Deck must contain at least 60 cards. When you draft too many good cards, it can be tempting to run a few extra.
A Cube Has Six Sides Must choose a card from the first six positions in the pack. What's wrong with six? Six is good!
How Now, Brown Cow? Must draft a colorless nonland card or a land that doesn't tap for colored mana if able. Makes the color fixing easy at least.
Dream Curve Must draft the nonland card with the lowest converted mana cost among cards in the pack for your first pick. For each other pick, you must draft a card with converted mana cost 1 higher than the last card you drafted if able. Sometimes, the curve chooses you.
Big Guns Must draft the creature with the highest combination of power and toughness. Prepare to face the fury of: Turning guys sideways.
Pauper Must take a common or uncommon if able. These rares are confusing. Less rules text please.
Alphabet Soup Starting with A, must pick the cards that begin with each subsequent letter of the alphabet. A is for Alpha, B is for Beta, C is for Chronicles, D is for... Dissension, I guess?
Follow the Leader Each pick must share a color, converted mana, power, or toughness with the previous pick if possible. Share and share alike.
Backdraft Draft a deck for the opposing team's Backdrafter (two Backdraft stipulations will be handed out). Be ruthless. Your opponent will be.
Read the Signals Must draft the card that shares the colors with the most other cards in the pack. Looks it’s time to audible into yet another color...
3 Packs, 3 Colors When opening a pack, choose a color and then draft a card of that color. Must draft a card of that color if able for rest of that pack. Repeat this process for each of the three packs (repeating a color is allowed). “This seems like a build-around rare.”
Up All Night to Get Loucksy Must take a land if available. Hey, fixing is important.
Gone Platinum Pick the card with the name that makes the best band name. “I love Thrashing Mossdog! I saw them open for Liturgy of Blood.”


Community Wizards
Tom Delia Pauper Aaron Forsythe Alphabet Soup
Melissa DeTora Backdraft Mike Turian Up All Night To get Loucksy
Reid Duke Cube Has Six Sides Sam Stoddard Big Guns
Jan van der Vegt Gone Platinum Worth Wollpert How Now Brown Cow?
Michael Jacob 3 Packs, 3 Colors Brian Clinton Backdraft
Matthew Watkins Read the Signals Alexis Janson Dream Curve
Keya Saleh This is Constructed Ryan Spain Look Sharpe
Kenji Egashira Bear Force One Sean Gibbons Follow the Leader