Walking the Planes, Episode 41: "The End"

Posted in Walking the Planes on September 20, 2016

By Nathan Holt and Shawn Kornhauser

Five years ago, Shawn Kornhauser and I showed up to Pro Tour Philadelphia on a whim. We made a silly video. For me, it was a fanboy's love letter to the Magic community. We were urged to make more. We Kickstarter'd our way to the World Championship a few months later. By then, we were hooked. Greg Collins of Wizards of the Coast gave us a great opportunity to produce a hybrid sketch comedy / documentary web series. Basically a dream come true.

Whenever we asked someone to appear on the show, the answer was always yes. Most often with enthusiasm. It was that relationship with the Magic community that put gas in our tank (crewed our Vehicle?) and kept our spirits high. We hope you've enjoyed the run of this show half as much as we enjoyed making it.

And we're not done telling stories about Magic yet.

Your humble narrator and court jester,

Nathan Holt

When we expanded video coverage for premier-play events back in 2012, part of that was looking at more ways to tell the stories of our players and tournaments outside of the live video stream. Nate and Shawn put together a creative vision for a web series that was unlike anything the Magic community had seen before, and we're all better off for it. Their love, respect, and admiration for the game was always present...along with a healthy dose of not taking ourselves too seriously. While seeing the curtain close on "Walking the Planes" is a bittersweet moment, I am excited to set off on a new storytelling journey with Nate and Shawn in the coming months.

- Greg Collins

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