How to Use Your Kaladesh

Posted in Ways to Play on October 11, 2016

By Blake Rasmussen

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So you've just bought some packs of Kaladesh or are thinking about it. Now what? Over the past few weeks we've been talking about playing with Kaladesh, but where do you start?

Right here.

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Drafting in Style

Why just crack your packs when you can grab some friends and draft? Whether you like blinking creatures for value, creating crazy combos, or brashly beating down, Kaladesh drafting has just what you're looking for.

Kenji Egashira helps you navigate the exciting world of the Kaladesh Draft format.

The Color Pairs of Kaladesh

How to Kaladesh—In Graphics

Sure, now you know how to pair white cards with blue cards and red cards with green cards, but what about some of the set's more fun interactions? Learn how to Kaladesh with this visual guide to the format's best synergies.

How to Kaladesh in Graphics

How to Vroom


After drafting, you've no doubt picked up more than a few Vehicles and their Pilots. Dwarves have the coolest rides and sure know how to make them vroom. Got a need for speed? Look no further.

Gaby Spartz shows you how to win the race in Kaladesh's finest rides.

How to Vroom

Get Creative


The Inventors' Fair isn't just for residents of Kaladesh—you too can create some inventive decks to do wild things with the odd inventions of Kaladesh. Attack for 120? Use your life total to shoot down opponents? Summon a giant Colossus for free—and then do it again? With Kaladesh, the possibilities are endless.

Kaladesh Build-Arounds

Invent New Ways to Play

Kaladesh is all about possibilities—so why not create a new way to play with Kaladesh? Reinvent your game with a Tinkerer Speed Run, a game of Stop the Mad Scientist, or Race for the Prize.

Chas Andres has the details on how to spice up your play group.

Ways to Play in Kaladesh's Bright World

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