Weatherlight Two-Steppers

Posted in Arcana on December 5, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The art of the Weatherlight set has a few cards that tell a little story across two pieces of art. The art of Argivian Find shows a relic hunter digging up an idol made of jade, likely an artifact left over from the time of the ancient artificer civilization of the Thran.

Argivian FindArgivian Find art by Roger Raupp

The same man can be seen later on, having the artifact restored on Argivian Restoration.

Argivian Restoration
Argivian Find
Argivian Restoration

Weatherlight also has early signs of the storyline of the Weatherlight Saga. In the art of Desperate Gambit, Gerrard is seen dueling the fierce warlord Maraxus of Keld. In the background you can see Starke of Rath sneaking up behind him, about to stab him in the back.

Desperate GambitDesperate Gambit art by Pete Venters

In Debt of Loyalty, artist Pete Venters continues the scene by showing Gerrard recovering from the fight. Gerrard agrees to let Starke come along on the Weatherlight (not yet realizing the depth of Starke's villainy).

Debt of LoyaltyDebt of Loyalty art by Pete Venters
Maraxus of Keld
Desperate Gambit
Debt of Loyalty

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