Last Man Standing

Posted in The Week That Was on August 11, 2004

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

Dan Frazier

Card Set/Rarity
Dingus Egg A/B/U Edition-U
Disrupting Scepter A/B/U Edition-U
Forcefield A/B/U Edition-U
Mox Emerald A/B/U Edition-U
Mox Jet A/B/U Edition-U
Mox Pearl A/B/U Edition-U
Mox Ruby A/B/U Edition-U
Mox Sapphire A/B/U Edition-U
Sunglasses of Urza A/B/U Edition-U
Iron Star A/B/U Edition-U
Jade Statue A/B/U Edition-U
Juggernaut A/B/U Edition-U
Gloom A/B/U Edition-U
Sacrifice A/B/U Edition-U
Cockatrice A/B/U Edition-U
Berserk A/B/U Edition-U
Ice Storm A/B/U Edition-U
Thicket Basilisk A/B/U Edition-U
Swamp A/B/U Edition-U
Swamp [Version 2] A/B/U Edition-U
Swamp [Version 3] A/B/U Edition-U
Firebreathing A/B/U Edition-U
Gray Ogre A/B/U Edition-U
Hill Giant A/B/U Edition-U
Earthquake A/B/U Edition-U
Sedge Troll A/B/U Edition-U
Earth Elemental A/B/U Edition-U
Orcish Oriflamme A/B/U Edition-U
Tunnel A/B/U Edition-U
Wall of Stone A/B/U Edition-U
Mahamoti Djinn A/B/U Edition-U
Healing Salve A/B/U Edition-U
Animate Wall A/B/U Edition-U
Black Ward A/B/U Edition-U
Blue Ward A/B/U Edition-U
Green Ward A/B/U Edition-U
Red Ward A/B/U Edition-U
Resurrection A/B/U Edition-U
White Ward A/B/U Edition-U
Aladdin's Ring Revised Edition-R
Dingus Egg Revised Edition-R
Disrupting Scepter Revised Edition-R
Jandor's Ring Revised Edition-R
Sunglasses of Urza Revised Edition-R
Iron Star Revised Edition-U
Juggernaut Revised Edition-U
Gloom Revised Edition-U
Sacrifice Revised Edition-U
Cockatrice Revised Edition-R
Thicket Basilisk Revised Edition-U
Swamp Revised Edition-L
Swamp [Version 2] Revised Edition-L
Swamp [Version 3] Revised Edition-L
Firebreathing Revised Edition-C
Gray Ogre Revised Edition-C
Hill Giant Revised Edition-C
Earthquake Revised Edition-R
Sedge Troll Revised Edition-R
Earth Elemental Revised Edition-U
Orcish Oriflamme Revised Edition-U
Tunnel Revised Edition-U
Wall of Stone Revised Edition-U
Mahamoti Djinn Revised Edition-R
Healing Salve Revised Edition-C
Animate Wall Revised Edition-R
Black Ward Revised Edition-U
Blue Ward Revised Edition-U
Green Ward Revised Edition-U
Red Ward Revised Edition-U
Resurrection Revised Edition-U
White Ward Revised Edition-U
Grapeshot Catapult Fourth Edition-C
Aladdin's Ring Fourth Edition-R
Dingus Egg Fourth Edition-R
Disrupting Scepter Fourth Edition-R
Sunglasses of Urza Fourth Edition-R
Iron Star Fourth Edition-U
Shapeshifter Fourth Edition-U
Tawnos's Weaponry Fourth Edition-U
Xenic Poltergeist Fourth Edition-R
Gloom Fourth Edition-U
Cockatrice Fourth Edition-R
Thicket Basilisk Fourth Edition-U
Swamp Fourth Edition-L
Swamp [Version 2] Fourth Edition-L
Swamp [Version 3] Fourth Edition-L
Firebreathing Fourth Edition-C
Gray Ogre Fourth Edition-C
Hill Giant Fourth Edition-C
Earthquake Fourth Edition-R
Earth Elemental Fourth Edition-U
Orcish Oriflamme Fourth Edition-U
Tunnel Fourth Edition-U
Wall of Stone Fourth Edition-U
Apprentice Wizard Fourth Edition-C
Mahamoti Djinn Fourth Edition-R
Healing Salve Fourth Edition-C
Animate Wall Fourth Edition-R
Black Ward Fourth Edition-U
Blue Ward Fourth Edition-U
Green Ward Fourth Edition-U
Osai Vultures Fourth Edition-U
Red Ward Fourth Edition-U
White Ward Fourth Edition-U
Grapeshot Catapult Fifth Edition-C
Jester's Cap Fifth Edition-R
An-Havva Constable Fifth Edition-R
Cockatrice Fifth Edition-R
Elven Riders Fifth Edition-U
Thicket Basilisk Fifth Edition-U
Firebreathing Fifth Edition-C
Goblin War Drums Fifth Edition-C
Orcish Farmer Fifth Edition-C
Goblin Warrens Fifth Edition-R
Orcish Artillery Fifth Edition-U
Orcish Oriflamme Fifth Edition-U
Pikemen Fifth Edition-C
Shield Bearer Fifth Edition-C
Storm Cauldron Classic Sixth Edition-R
Elven Riders Classic Sixth Edition-U
Thicket Basilisk Classic Sixth Edition-U
Swamp Classic Sixth Edition-L
Goblin Warrens Classic Sixth Edition-R
Orcish Artillery Classic Sixth Edition-U
Orcish Oriflamme Classic Sixth Edition-U
Prosperity Classic Sixth Edition-U
Healing Salve Classic Sixth Edition-C
Sunweb Classic Sixth Edition-R
Enlightened Tutor Classic Sixth Edition-U
Storm Cauldron Alliances-R
Whirling Catapult Alliances-U
Scars of the Veteran Alliances-U
Seasoned Tactician Alliances-U
Aladdin's Ring Arabian Nights-R
Jandor's Ring Arabian Nights-R
Ring of Ma'ruff> Arabian Nights-R
Sandals of Abdallah Arabian Nights-U
Hasran Ogress Arabian Nights-C
Hasran Ogress [Version 2] Arabian Nights-C
Grapeshot Catapult Antiquities-C
Shapeshifter Antiquities-R
Tawnos's Weaponry Antiquities-U
Xenic Poltergeist Antiquities-U
Powder Keg Urza's Destiny-R
Goblin Gardener Urza's Destiny-C
Gauntlets of Chaos Chronicles-R
Horn of Deafening Chronicles-R
Triassic Egg Chronicles-R
Hasran Ogress Chronicles-C
Mountain Yeti Chronicles-C
Azure Drake Chronicles-U
Tower of Coireall The Dark-U
Apprentice Wizard The Dark-R
Brassclaw Orcs Fallen Empires-C
Goblin Chirurgeon Fallen Empires-C
Goblin Grenade Fallen Empires-C
Goblin War Drums Fallen Empires-C
Orcish Veteran Fallen Empires-C
Goblin Warrens Fallen Empires-R
Pygmy Pyrosaur Urza's Legacy-C
Last-Ditch Effort Urza's Legacy-U
Sengir Bats Homelands-C
Sengir Bats [Version 2] Homelands-C
An-Havva Constable Homelands-R
Hazduhr the Abbot Homelands-R
Amulet of Quoz Ice Age-R
Crown of the Ages Ice Age-R
Ice Cauldron Ice Age-R
Jester's Cap Ice Age-R
Jester's Mask Ice Age-R
Jeweled Amulet Ice Age-U
Soldevi Simulacrum Ice Age-U
Woolly Mammoths Ice Age-C
Yavimaya Gnats Ice Age-U
Orcish Farmer Ice Age-C
Orcish Lumberjack Ice Age-C
Stonehands Ice Age-C
Orcish Cannoneers Ice Age-U
Mesmeric Trance Ice Age-R
Shield Bearer Ice Age-C
Fire Covenant Ice Age-U
Gauntlets of Chaos Legends-R
Horn of Deafening Legends-R
Sword of the Ages Legends-R
Triassic Egg Legends-R
Walking Dead Legends-C
Quagmire Legends-U
Wall of Tombstones Legends-U
Quarum Trench Gnomes Legends-R
Dwarven Song Legends-U
Hyperion Blacksmith Legends-U
Mountain Yeti Legends-U
Azure Drake Legends-U
Osai Vultures Legends-C
Granger Guildmage Mirage-C
Burning Shield Askari Mirage-C
Sunweb Mirage-R
Enlightened Tutor Mirage-U
Mercadian Atlas Mercadian Masques-R
Vendetta Mercadian Masques-C
Invigorate Mercadian Masques-C
Lunge Mercadian Masques-C
Port Inspector Mercadian Masques-C
Armistice Mercadian Masques-R
Arrest Mercadian Masques-U
Bloodcurdling Scream Portal Second Age-U
Ogre Taskmaster Portal Second Age-U
Swamp Starter 1999-L
Earth Elemental Starter 1999-U
Ingenious Thief Starter 1999-C
Knight Errant Starter 1999-C
Monstrous Growth Portal-C
Monstrous Growth [Version 2] Portal-C
Ancestral Memories Portal-R
Phantom Warrior Portal-R
Ingenious Thief Portal-U
Knight Errant Portal-C
Mox Diamond Stronghold-R
Awakening Stronghold-R
Dirtcowl Wurm Tempest-R
Starke of Rath Tempest-R
Opportunist Tempest-U
Duplicity Tempest-R
Oracle en-Vec Tempest-R
Jack-in-the-Mox Unglued-R
Jester's Sombrero Unglued-R
Prosperity Visions-U
Goblin Grenadiers Weatherlight-U
Benalish Infantry Weatherlight-C
Master of Arms Weatherlight-U
Harvest Mage Nemesis-C
Shrieking Mogg Nemesis-R
Rhystic Tutor Prophecy-R
Glittering Lynx Prophecy-C
Drake-Skull Cameo Invasion-U
Phyrexian Battleflies Invasion-C
Pincer Spider Invasion-C
Death Bomb Planeshift-C
Gaea's Herald Planeshift-R
Pygmy Pyrosaur 7th Edition-C
Goblin Matron 7th Edition-U
Orcish Artillery 7th Edition-U
Elite Archers 7th Edition-R
Gustcloak Harrier Onslaught-C
Glarecaster Onslaught-R
Gustcloak Skirmisher Onslaught-U
Gaea's Herald 8th Edition-R
Orcish Artillery 8th Edition-U

rk post

Card Set/Rarity
Twisted Experiment Urza's Destiny-C
Encroach Urza's Destiny-U
Thorn Elemental Urza'sDestiny-R
Covetous Dragon Urza'sDestiny-R
Thrull Surgeon Exodus-C
Keeper of the Beasts Exodus-U
High Ground Exodus-U
Damping Engine Urza'sLegacy-R
Phyrexian Reclamation Urza'sLegacy-U
Worry Beads Mercadian Masques-R
Silent Assassin Mercadian Masques-R
Unmask Mercadian Masques-R
Dawnstrider Mercadian Masques-R
Silverglade Pathfinder Mercadian Masques-U
Cho-Arrim Legate Mercadian Masques-U
Foul Spirit Portal Second Age-U
Archangel Portal Second Age-R
Abyssal Horror Starter 1999-R
Shrieking Specter Starter 1999-U
Thorn Elemental Starter 1999-R
Wood Elves Starter 1999-U
Veteran Cavalier Starter 1999-U
Urza'sArmor Urza's Saga-U
Abyssal Horror Urza's Saga-R
Acridian Urza's Saga-C
Coral Merfolk Urza's Saga-C
Sandbar Merfolk Urza's Saga-C
Morphling Urza's Saga-R
Serra's Liturgy Urza's Saga-R
Nesting Wurm Nemesis-U
Mana Cache Nemesis-R
Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero Nemesis-R
Voice of Truth Nemesis-U
Avatar of Woe Prophecy-R
Avatar of Might Prophecy-R
Avatar of Fury Prophecy-R
Avatar of Will Prophecy-R
Avatar of Hope Prophecy-R
Bog Initiate Invasion-C
Defiling Tears Invasion-U
Faerie Squadron Invasion-C
Teferi's Moat Invasion-R
Primal Growth Planeshift-C
Voice of All Planeshift-U
Leshrac's Rite 7th Edition-U
Thorn Elemental 7th Edition-R
Worship 7th Edition-R
Lightning Angel Apocalypse-R
Blazing Salvo Odyssey-C
Dogged Hunter Odyssey-R
Ichorid Torment-R
Pardic Arsonist Torment-U
Spirit Flare Torment-C
Angel of Retribution Torment-R
Jeska, Warrior Adept Judgement-R
Swat Onslaught-C
Death Match Onslaught-R
Supreme Inquisitor Onslaught-R
Hollow Specter Legions-R
Warped Researcher Legions-U
Nefashu Scourge-R
Urza'sArmor 8th Edition-R
Thorn Elemental 8th Edition-R
Fatespinner Mirrodin-R
Lumengrid Augur Mirrodin-R

Donato Giancola

Card Set/Rarity
Crystal Rod Fifth Edition-U
Iron Star Fifth Edition-U
Ivory Cup Fifth Edition-U
Throne of Bone Fifth Edition-U
Wooden Sphere Fifth Edition-U
Fyndhorn Elder Fifth Edition-U
Truce Fifth Edition-R
Amber Prison Classic Sixth Edition-R
Grinning Totem Classic Sixth Edition-R
Crystal Rod Classic Sixth Edition-U
Iron Star Classic Sixth Edition-U
Ivory Cup Classic Sixth Edition-U
Moss Diamond Classic Sixth Edition-U
Throne of Bone Classic Sixth Edition-U
Wooden Sphere Classic Sixth Edition-U
Fyndhorn Elder Classic Sixth Edition-U
Nightshade Seer Urza's Destiny-U
Ivy Seer Urza's Destiny-U
Cinder Seer Urza's Destiny-U
Brine Seer Urza's Destiny-U
Jasmine Seer Urza's Destiny-U
Skyshaper Exodus-U
Shattering Pulse Exodus-C
Memory Jar Urza's Legacy-R
Brink of Madness Urza's Legacy-R
Rank and File Urza's Legacy-U
Rack and Ruin Urza's Legacy-U
Amber Prison Mirage-R
Grinning Totem Mirage-R
Moss Diamond Mirage-U
Village Elder Mirage-C
Panacea Mercadian Masques-U
Deathgazer Mercadian Masques-U
Forest Mercadian Masques-L
Lava Runner Mercadian Masques-R
Revered Elder Mercadian Masques-C
Ebon Dragon Portal-R
Sacred Knight Portal-C
Megrim Stronghold-U
Flame Wave Stronghold-U
Intruder Alarm Stronghold-R
Echo Chamber Tempest-R
Essence Bottle Tempest-U
Nature's Revolt Tempest-R
Kindle Tempest-C
Havoc Tempest-U
Dismiss Tempest-U
Orim's Prayer Tempest-U
Crystal Chimes Urza's Saga-U
Island Urza's Saga-L
Island [Version 2] Urza's Saga-L
Island [Version 3] Urza's Saga-L
Island [Version 4] Urza's Saga-L
Scrap Urza's Saga-C
Antagonism Urza's Saga-R
Brand Urza's Saga-R
Meltdown Urza's Saga-U
Disenchant Urza's Saga-C
Sanctum Guardian Urza's Saga-U
Sisay's Ring Visions-C
Juju Bubble Visions-U
Thran Tome Weatherlight-R
Steel Golem Weatherlight-U
Peacekeeper Weatherlight-R
Divining Witch Nemesis-R
Air Bladder Nemesis-C
Agent of Shauku Prophecy-C
Spore Frog Prophecy-C
Sunken Field Prophecy-U
Tigereye Cameo Invasion-U
Troll-Horn Cameo Invasion-U
Dredge Invasion-U
Spinal Embrace Invasion-R
Cauldron Dance Invasion-U
Mana Cylix Planeshift-U
Star Compass Planeshift-U
Doomsday Specter Planeshift-R
Feroz's Ban 7th Edition-R
Jayemdae Tome 7th Edition-R
Teferi's Puzzle Box 7th Edition-R
Yawgmoth's Edict 7th Edition-U
Reflexes 7th Edition-C
Shivan Dragon 7th Edition-R
Archivist 7th Edition-R
Gerrard's Wisdom 7th Edition-U
Cromat Apocalypse-R
Mirari Odyssey-R
Cartographer Odyssey-C
Patron Wizard Odyssey-R
Cabal Surgeon Torment-C
Flaming Gambit Torment-U
Glory Judgement-R
Jayemdae Tome 8th Edition-R
Teferi's Puzzle Box 8th Edition-R
Crystal Rod 8th Edition-U
Iron Star 8th Edition-U
Ivory Cup 8th Edition-U
Star Compass 8th Edition-U
Throne of Bone 8th Edition-U
Wooden Sphere 8th Edition-U
Deathgazer 8th Edition-U
Fyndhorn Elder 8th Edition-U
Shivan Dragon 8th Edition-R
Archivist 8th Edition-R
Chrome Mox Mirrodin-R
Sword of Kaldra Mirrodin-R

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