Welcome to Your First DCI Tournament

Posted in NEWS on June 18, 1999

By Wizards of the Coast

or, What to tell new players

Gijsbert Hoogendijk

As you just received your DCI number and accompanying manamember form it is probably safe to assume this is your first DCI sanctioned tournament. After reading this brief note you will hopefully understand what you will be facing today and hopefully have a great tournament.

Being a DCI member means that all matches you will play today will be recorded in the DCI database. When you go to to future tournaments, check if they are sanctioned and if they are make sure you know your DCI number (which you will give when you register to play). All matches of that tournament will be tracked by the DCI's player database. After playing 10 sanctioned matches you will have a DCI rating (ratings are not run until you have completed 10 matches). Because you are a DCI member, we will also update you on certain things we feel all players should know.

So know that you know why you just filled in the mana mebership form. Here is what you can expect today:

If You Have Questions:

There are some people responsible for organising the tournament; when you have general questions these are the people you should talk to. For more specific rules related questions you should ask a judge (they could be the same people though). The judges will also be the people who will be walking around during the tournaments answering questions and solving disputes.

A Player's Responsibilities

The tournament is sanctioned so your opponents and the judges expect certain things from you. You should always bring pen with you and a visible way of tracking life. To avoid disputes always try and inform your opponent clearly of where you are in your turn and what you are doing. Remember, your opponent usually has a chance to react to your actions. If you have a question about the game while playing, for instance some weird situation occurs, or your opponent does something you don't think is legal, you can call over a judge. The preferred way of doing this is: call out "Judge" and raise you hand, this way the judge is able to locate you easily.


At the beginning of the tournament the head judge usually announces how long the rounds will last and how many rounds will be played. At this point he will also announce any special rules for the tournament.

If you really enjoy playing and want to have more information regarding sanctioned tournaments, you should visit the DCI's website: <www.thedci.com>.

Have a pleasant day and a great tournament!