When Unglued 2 Cards See Print

Posted in Arcana on November 10, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Some of Magic's crazier cards in the last few years originated in the Unglued 2 design file. Since that Un set never made it to print, individual card designs crept their way into tournament-legal sets, disguised as legitimate mechanics but maintaining a -- let's say "slightly off" -- demeanor.

Let's look at some examples of cards that were originally slated for Unglued 2, but eventually made it (in slightly modified form) into other sets:

Sulam Djinn
Invasion's color-sensitive djinns,
and Barrin's Unmaking
Invasion block's split cards
Odyssey's Atogatog
Onslaught's Artificial Evolution
Artificial Evolution
Mirrodin's Mindslaver

Of course, many more of the ideas from Unglued 2 are now part of Unhinged. Don't believe us? See for yourself when you attend one of the Unhinged release events on November 20th!

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