Who's Who at Grand Prix Warsaw

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By Mark Wraith

Craig Jones

R-W-U Angel Deck
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One of the few Western Europeans who made the trip over, Craig Jones is a former Grand Prix champion - way back at Grand Prix Birmingham in 1998. He lives in Ludlow, a rural town near the border of Wales and England, and his isolation meant that he was unable to find a team to go to New York with.

So instead he's travelled here to play Invasion Block for the second weekend in a row. "This deck isn't my responsibility. It was designed by Chris Clapton, but when I tested it I found it was more reliable than the deck I had in London." Chris was faring quite well with it; until the judges realised he had written his decklist incorrectly, getting him a match loss which caused him to drop from the event on 8-3.

As one of the handful of players with three byes, Craig will be hoping the deck has better luck this time for him.

Janosch Kühn

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Janosch Kühn had the opportunity to go to the Pro Tour, but wasn't sure whether he could make it or not due to holiday plans. In the end it turned that he was available this week, but his team mates had already made other arrangements, so he has decided to come here. His results in the past include a second place at the World Championships back in 1997.

Going even further back in time, we have a player here that few but the old greybeards on the Pro Tour will remember. Bertrand Lestree, the beaten finalist at the inaugural World Championships has emerged from retirement to play here without any byes!

Pierre Malherbaud

Land-Destruction Domain
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The current French National Champion is another of the players who has three byes in the event. He's playing the same unusual domain deck as he did in last week's Grand Prix London. His excuse for not going to New York was that his team mates had other things come up.