Whose Desk?

Posted in Arcana on March 31, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

For today's Magic Arcana, we're giving you a chance to pretend you're a member of R&D! Unfortunately, you're a junior member (you've only been in the department since the begining of the paragraph, after all!), so your job is to carry things from desk to desk. And no one seems to have their name on their desk!

So: can you guess which member of R&D belongs to which desk? To make it a little easier, we're using only people who either write for magicthegathering.com, used to write for magicthegathering.com, or have done Dossiers.

Challenge One: Mark Rosewater

You've got an urgent idea that has to get straight to the head of Magic design. But no one's home! Mouse over the thumbnails to see your options, and then click on the thumbnail that you believe to be Mark's desk. Choose wisely!

Desk 1 Desk 2 Desk 3 Desk 4

Challenge Two: Devin Low

Well done! By hanging around Mark's desk all day, you managed to grab his attention. And he likes your idea! Next, you've got to get it through Development, and that means Devin Low. Can you tell which desk is his?

  Desk 2 Desk 3 Desk 4

Challenge Three: Aaron Forsythe

Devin likes your idea too, but he's not ready to sign off on it yet. You have one final challenge: find the desk of Aaron Forsythe, Director of Magic R&D. Where's Aaron?

  Desk 2   Desk 4

Postgame: Celebration

Wow! Aaron seems to love your idea! Maybe he's just happy because he has a giant Castle Sengir in his office. Either way, congratulations!


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