Why is Lingering Souls in Your Deck?

Posted in NEWS on August 31, 2013

By Steve Sadin

During the Ironroot Challenge, The Wizard wandered the floor and asked the competitors to justify some of their choices.

In between the 2nd, and 3rd round – The Wizard found Sam Stoddard and asked him to explain why Lingering Souls was included in his Angelic Accord + Strionic Resonator deck.

The Wizard Interrogating Sam Stoddard

Sam Stoddard: "Well, do you know Bogbrew Witch?"
TW: "Yes, I know her personally. We have tea sometimes. It's not very good tea, but it's still tea."
SS: "Well, then you know about the time when she massacred her family... then resurrected them, and massacred them again."
TW: "Ah yes, of course. It was a very difficult time in her life."
SS: "Well, the souls of her family still linger and haunt her to this day."