Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2014

By Adam Styborski

Stybs has played Magic the world over, writing and drafting as part of the event coverage team and slinging Commander everywhere his decks will fit.

One more match win.

It sounds so simple, but it's an elusive goal players face every Grand Prix Day 2. At Montreal, several players were positioned to carry through to one more Born of the Gods draft in the Top 8. But for each it required victory in the match.

For some, the match came easier. Morgan Chang and Adam Benn played through two games before Benn decided that Chang should continue on to the Top 8.

Morgan Chang was overwhelmed with his move to the Top 8.


Chang was paired down against Benn, so the unexpected concession lifted the feeling at the table. "I'm so grateful," Chang said. This pair down wasn't alone: Andre Boucher-Frappier was similarly situated against formerly undefeated Geoff Risi. Boucher-Frappier had battled back from a two-loss start to be poised for a third draft. In this case, after three quick games that ended with Risi controlling a Battlewise Hoplite with four +1/+1 counters on it, Boucher-Frappier fell.


Formerly undefeated Geoff Risi stymied Boucher-Frappier's Top 8 hopes.


On the live coverage stream, Magic Online Community Cup member and streamer Kenji Egashira, also known as NumottheNummy, lit the up as he lost to Benjamin Gomes, putting the latter into the Top 8. This was Gomes's third win-and-in for Grand Prix Top 8. This time, the success story was his.


Egashira's hat didn't distract Gomes from what he needed to do.


Also on camera, Dave Shiels used the legendary Daxos of Meletis to claim his third draft over Maxime Dore. Elsewhere, former Pro Tour champion Brock Parker looked to secure his place but lost to Judah Alt, though Parker was hopeful: "I hope my tiebreakers hold up." (Spoiler: They did.)


Daxos of Meletis earned Dave Shiels another Grand Prix Top 8 appearance.


Ian Robertson too was in a paired down situation against Terrence Dufour. Going to a third game with Gorgon's Head on Dufour's side against Whip of Erebos and Reaper of the Wilds on Robertson's, it was only a matter of time until scrying and Whipping found a Top 8 lock for Robertson. Sometimes it takes all the time in the round to find the means to victory.


Being one match away and losing is tough for any player to face, but for those who move on it's a phenomenal moment players were seeking all weekend long. After all, from here it's just "one more draft."