World Magic Cup Qualifiers: Top 8 Decklists

Posted in NEWS on September 19, 2014

The 2014 World Magic Cup Qualifiers (WMCQs) are underway, as players from 72 countries vie for one of their country's coveted slots into the World Magic Cup.

The format for the World Magic Cup Qualifiers is Standard Constructed. You can see Top 8 Standard decklists from some of the WMCQs below.

More decks will be added after the second round of qualifiers (August 30-31), and the third round of qualifiers (13-14). For more information about World Magic Cup Qualifiers, click here.

WMCQ #1:

United States: Isaac Sears (Attendance: 411)
China: Zhong Zhenming (Attendance: 141)
Canada: Davud Goldfarb (Attendance: 298)
Italy: Alessandro Portaro (Attendance: 186)
England: David Inglis (Attendance: 242)
Spain: Antonio Del Moral Leon (Attendance: 175)
Japan: Rahman Aryabhima (Attendance: 387)

WMCQ #2:

England: Francesco Giorgio (Attendance: 241)
United States: Andrea Baeckstrom (Attendance: 297)
Canada: Daniel Fournier (Attendance: 204)
Germany: Matthias Kopietz (Attendance: 105)
Australia: James Young (Attendance: 127)
China: Song Hua Chao (Attendance: 180)
Netherlands: Thomas Hendricks (Attendance: 112)
Philippines: Philip Christopher Rama (Attendance: 362)

WMCQ #3:

Australia: James Fazzolari (Attendance: 174)
Canada: Alexander Hayne (Attendance: 199)
England: Riccardo Reale (Attendance: 195)
Italy: Matteo Venturi (Attendance: 139)
Spain: Toni Ramis Pascual (Attendance: 199)