Worlds Week - A Photo Essay

Posted in NEWS on August 3, 2013

By Craig Gibson and Josh Bennett

It's been a crazy week here in Amsterdam, between the 2013 Magic World Championships and the World Magic Cup. Here's a look at what it's been like.

Welcome to Amsterdam, where there's so much culture that even Central Station looks like a palace.


Beautiful architecture is a given here, with no two streets looking the same.


Architecture also available in "Fun Size"


And for those of you who will not be satisfied until we fulfill some stereotypes: a giant windmill. I hope you're happy.


It's not a player party unless a draft breaks out. (Not pictured: Several more drafts)


Amsterdam locals prefer getting around on bicycle to driving cars. Possibly because many of the cars look like this.


The Theatre Fabrik, venue for Worlds Week. That pizza truck out front made roughly one hojillion euros.


The world's best drafting Modern Masters.


Hall of Famer Ben Stark expresses general incredulity.


Sorry ladies, he's taken. (I know, I'm pretty broken up about it too.)


Friday morning. The Top 4 of the World Championship have been decided. Now it's time for the World Magic Cup to begin!


A crippling heatwave struck Amsterdam this week, hitting hardest on Friday, just when the venue was at its busiest. Here, Rashad Miller does whatever it takes to keep cool.


Others simply went mad.


Your future sits before you, tightly wrapped in paper. Make the most of it.


Team England's Carrie Olivier demonstrates her dress's secret message: the national flag!


Head Judge Jason Lemahieu and his brute squad. They keep it fair.


Team Columbia, winners of the best uniform prize. That's not a joke. There was a prize for best uniform and they won it. Rightly, I might add.


This photo of Team Australia's Matt Anderson and Riley Knight is the Magic World Cup's "Lost in Translation" moment.


Captain Stanislav Cifka chooses his words carefully as he advises teammate Leos Kopecky, the terrifying Czech Shrek.


The culmination of year's worth of blood, sweat and tears. Tune in Sunday to see who takes it home.