Would You Like That Zombified?

Posted in Arcana on May 18, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Zombies have been in Magic since the beginning. Ever since Scathe Zombies were introduced in Alpha, Zombies have been a living, non-breathing tribe. In fact Zombies have been so popular that over the years many other creature types have been "zombified" so that your dreams of an all Zombie deck could come true.

This is a tribute to all of the Magic creatures that have officially become Zombie:

Scathe Zombies
Accursed Centaur Zombie Centaur
Anurid Murkdiver Zombie Beast
Aphetto Vulture Zombie Bird
Balthor the Defiled Zombie Dwarf Legend
Boneknitter Zombie Cleric
Cabal Interrogator Zombie Wizard
Carrion Wurm Zombie Wurm
Corpse Harvester Zombie Wizard
Entrails Feaster Zombie Cat
Fallen Cleric Zombie Cleric
Festering Goblin Zombie Goblin
Gangrenous Goliath Zombie Giant
Graveborn Muse Zombie Spirit
Gravespawn Sovereign Zombie Lord
Llanowar Dead Zombie Elf
Nantuko Husk Zombie Insect
Nefashu Zombie Mutant
Nim Replica Artifact Zombie*
Putrid Imp Zombie Imp
Putrid Raptor Zombie Beast
Putrid Warrior Soldier Zombie
Quagmire Druid Zombie Druid
Rotlung Reanimator Zombie Cleric
Rotting Giant Zombie Giant
Shepherd of Rot Zombie Cleric
Shivan Zombie Barbarian Zombie
Smokespew Invoker Zombie Mutant
Soulless One Zombie Avatar
Spined Basher Zombie Beast
Twisted Abomination Zombie Mutant
Undead Gladiator Zombie Barbarian
Vodalian Zombie Merfolk Zombie
Withered Wretch Zombie Cleric
Wretched Anurid Zombie Beast
Zombie Assassin Zombie Assassin
Zombie Boa Zombie Snake

* we debated the chicken/egg of this and decided that it counts equal to a Zombie Artifact

As a special bonus, we are happy to announce that Fifth Dawn will introduce yet another new zombified creature... the Zombie Crocodile!

Now your zombie deck will be even more deadly!

This begs the question - what other creature types should be Zombified?

We'll have to wait and see!

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