Posted in Arcana on June 15, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Trinket Mage

The "cog" theme of Fifth Dawn pertains to zero- and one-mana artifacts. Trinket Mage and Artificer's Evolution can search them up and Auriok Salvagers, Leonin Squire and Salvaging Station can re-use them.

But keep in mind that if a card has in its mana cost, the amount is treated as zero for the purposes of determining converted mana cost. So cards with only s in their mana costs are, you guessed it, cogs.

Here's a list of cards that you might have missed for your cog decks because of that .

Phyrexian Marauder - It's an artifact creature from Visions that you can make as big as you please.

Shifting Wall - This artifact wall from Stronghold can be a useful thing to tutor for when you're facing down a large attacker.

Engineered Explosives - Although you play it with lots of colors, its converted mana cost is still -- and it's a great way to rid yourself of problematic permanents.

Chalice of the Void - Remember, all s are treated as zero! So you can search up a Chalice when you know your opponent has spells of a certain cost that you want to stop.

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