You Make The Card 2 - Step 10

Posted in Feature on August 21, 2003

By Mark Rosewater, R&D senior designer

You Make the Card #2” is quickly moving along. We now have an artist – Ron Spencer. He won in a relatively close vote over Christopher Moeller.

While Mr. Spencer is drawing up sketches for you to review, it’s time for us to move onto the card’s name. Remember that "Gazarsgo’s Plow" is just a temporary design name. It’s time for us to pick the real name. That means we need you to start sending in suggestions. Due to the volume of responses we’ve been getting, we are going to have to limit each of you to one suggestion. So make it good.

The name should be provocative, easy to pronounce, and make sense of the following art description:

"An hourglass with a destroyed forest in the top chamber and a beautiful lush forest in the bottom chamber."

Other simple rules:

  • No foreign-language words
  • No real-world references
  • No anachronisms
  • No innuendos
  • No references to Dominaria, the Weatherlight Crew, or the Brothers' War. The Mirrodin Block is set on a different plane, separate from previous Magic storylines.

Deadline for name submissions is midnight, Sunday, August 24th.

Have fun!

Send questions and comments to

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