You Make The Card 2 - Step 5

Posted in Feature on June 23, 2003

By Mark Rosewater, R&D senior designer

Let me start by saying we were blown away by the response. When all was said and done, we got over five times the entries from the first “You Make the Card”. And this was after submissions were reduced from three mechanics per person to one. The sheer number of replies combined with a work-overload behind the scenes caused the unfortunate delay. We apologize for the lengthy hiatus and are taking steps to ensure future steps of the “You Make the Card #2” (and yes, future “You Make the Card” promotions) will run smoother.

That said, let’s get to the mechanics. For those of you not around three months ago, the public had voted to make the card a non-creature artifact. Quantity did not mean a lack of quality. There was an amazing number of cool mechanics submitted. (Keep your eye out for an upcoming article talking about some of the near misses.) Unfortunately, we had to cut the list down to ten.

Here’s how it worked. I (with help from Aaron Forsythe, Paul Barclay, and Rei Nakazawa) read through every submission. From the mountain of ideas, I plucked thirty-five mechanics. This list was then brought to R&D who eliminated cards that either wouldn’t work within the rules, cards that we felt would cause unnecessary confusion among players, or cards that overlapped too much thematically with upcoming cards in the Mirrodin block. We also tweaked a few mechanics to keep them from being eliminated. (The third line of Mechanic E was added, for example.) That list was then whittled down to a final ten that we felt appealed to a wide variety of players.

It now comes down to you. Below are the ten final mechanics. You have until a week from today to vote for your favorite (the last day to vote is June 30, 2003). The mechanic with the most votes will win. (Note that in the interest of time we’ve done away with the run-off vote.) And now without any further ado, the final ten mechanics for “You Make the Card #2”:

Mechanic A
You may play land cards in your graveyard as though they were in your hand.

Mechanic B
If a card would come into play with one or more counters on it, it comes into play with one additional counter instead.

Mechanic C
If a spell or ability would return a permanent to its owner's hand, that permanent stays in play instead.

Mechanic D
At the beginning of your draw step, draw a card.
Spells you play cost more to play.

Mechanic E
Players play with their hands revealed.
During each player's turn, that player may play cards in other players' hands as though they were cards in his or her hand.
During each player's turn, other players can't play spells.

Mechanic F
M: You may pay target creature's mana cost. If you do, you gain control of that creature. (This effect doesn't end at end of turn. Mana cost includes color.)

Mechanic G
M, , Sacrifice CARDNAME: Each player secretly chooses a number. Then those numbers are revealed. For each number chosen by exactly one player, destroy all artifacts and creatures with that converted mana cost.

Mechanic H
There is an additional upkeep step each turn, before the draw step.

Mechanic I
Discard a card from your hand: Remove target spell you control from the stack and return it to its owner's hand. (The spell has no effect.)

Mechanic J
: Choose a player. Add to that player's mana pool.

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