You Make the Card 3 Step 8 - Flavor Text Submission

Posted in Feature on September 22, 2005

By Mark Rosewater

Working in R&D since '95, Mark became Magic head designer in '03. His hobbies: spending time with family, writing about Magic in all mediums, and creating short bios.

The votes are in and we have a name. You Make the Card #3 is now Vanish into Memory. Here's how the vote went:

Name Votes %
Vanish into Memory 3978 15.5%
Dust of Dreams 3491 13.6%
Wander in Dreams 3420 13.3%
Journey Through Dreams 3196 12.4%
Trial of Sands 2675 10.4%
Astral Pilgrimage 2560 9.9%
Dreamless Sleep 1882 7.3%
Somnomancy 1873 7.3%
Astral Sojourn 1480 5.8%
Tranceport 1174 4.6%
Total 25729 100.0%

And here's how the card currently stands:

Vanish into Memory

All that remains is one last piece. A little something known as flavor text. We've templated the card (please note that it's been tweaked since you last saw it) and have discovered that there is space for two lines of flavor text. The maximum length of two lines is 80 characters (and yes, that counts everything – letters, punctuation, spaces). Remember that quotation attributions fall onto their own line meaning if you're quoting someone, you only have 40 characters. Also, for expert expansions we do not use real world quotations. For some more tips on writing flavor text, check out Rei Nakazawa's “Adding a Little Flavor” article, as well as the several feature articles by Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar on writing flavor text.

As with other creative elements, we have to limit each person to a single submission. Note that any flavor text that is over 80 characters will not be considered. Deadline for submissions will be a week from when this article goes up, so until the site updates on Wednesday night, September 28.

Good luck with your writing, and when we return we'll be ready for the last step of the process!

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