You Make The Card - Step 21

Posted in Feature on September 12, 2002

By Mark Rosewater, R&D senior designer

The goal of You Make the Card is to give all of you a sense of what it’s like to work on a Magic card set. This week you’ll experience a common R&D phenomenon – dual processing. You see, Mr. Babycakes is set to appear in Jack (the codename for the spring 2003 expansion), and we are running out of time to finalize the card. As such, this step of “You Make the Card” is not one but two different tasks stuck together.

First, it’s time to pick Mr. Babycakes’ real name. (Don’t worry, I’m sure “Mr. Babycakes” will stick as an unofficial nickname for the card.) Second, it’s time to start submitting flavor text for Mr. Babycakes.

But before we get to this week’s step, it’s time to find out what happened last step. Developer Brian Schneider had come to you to ask how you all wanted to tweak Mr. Babycakes since his original stats proved too good in playtesting. The vote was close, but 0/3 for won by a hair. The final vote:

Size and Cost   Votes
0/3 for 2073 35.1%
0/4 for 1919 32.5%
0/1 for 1909 32.4%
Total 5901 100.0%

The Name

After receiving a flood of entries we’ve narrowed the names down to a top ten. As with the other creative elements of the card, we’ll reveal the names’ creators after the voting is complete.

The top ten names (in alphabetical order) are:

1) Evolutionary Force
2) Forgotten Ancient
3) Guardian of the Wild Spirit
4) Hand of Creation
5) Lifeweb Elemental
6) Moss Elemental
7) Protonem
8) Spirit of Nature
9) Verdant Nexus
10) Wildwood Sentinel

You must be registered in order to vote (and you can register here). Vote here to pick your favorite name. Deadline for the name vote is midnight, Sunday, September 22nd.

The Flavor Text

Mr. Babycakes has a lot of rules text. A lot. This means there isn’t a lot of space for flavor text. In fact, there’s but a single line available. That means Mr. Babycakes’ flavor text has to be short and sweet. The maximum length is forty characters (and yes, that counts everything – spaces, punctuation, everything). For more flavor text tips, check out Rei Nakazawa's "Adding a Little Flavor" article.

To speed the process, we are restricting players to one entry each. Submit your flavor text here. Deadline for the flavor text submission is midnight, Sunday, September 22nd.

Mark Tedin is currently working on the final art. We’ll have one last step to choose the flavor text and Mr. Babycakes will be complete.

Send questions and comments to

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