You Make The Card - Step 23

Posted in Feature on October 3, 2002

By Mark Rosewater, R&D senior designer

Well, the people have spoken and Mr. Babycakes is no longer Mr. Babycakes (okay, maybe in our hearts). Your card is called:

Forgotten Ancient

Here’s how the voting came out:

Mr. Babycakes Name Runoff
Forgotten Ancient 2436 40.2%
Evolutionary Force 1916 31.6%
Verdant Nexus 1713 28.2%
Total 6065 100%

And the original vote numbers:

Mr. Babycakes Name Vote
Forgotten Ancient 972 17.0%
Evolutionary Force 756 13.2%
Verdant Nexus 737 12.9%
Lifeweb Elemental 672 11.8%
Wildwood Sentinel 615 10.8%
Hand of Creation 500 8.7%
Moss Elemental 478 8.4%
Spirit of Nature 425 7.4%
Protonem 308 5.4%
Guardian of the Wild Spirit 255 4.5%
Total 5718 100.0%

And now, we come to our last vote. Last time we asked you to submit flavor text. Here are the top ten pieces we will votes on: (in somewhat alphabetical order)

  • "If a tree falls in the forest, I hear it."
  • In its hands, mana is as hard as steel.
  • It gives you a warm, thorny feeling inside.
  • It reaps what you sow.
  • Its blood is life, its body is growth.
  • Leaves like knives, bark like steel.
  • The grass is meaner on the other side.
  • The last limb of the evolutionary tree.
  • Unfettered growth with unmatched power.
  • Worry about being overgrown, not overrun.

The deadline for this vote will be midnight, Sunday October 6th. If no piece gets over a third of the vote, there will be a runoff between the top three vote getters. The authors of the flavor text pieces (as well as the authors of the top ten card names) will be revealed after this vote is over.

This is your last chance to be part of Magic history. Take the time to vote now.

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Mark Rosewater

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