You Make the Mirage Theme Deck

Posted in Feature on October 6, 2005

By Frank Gilson

You Make the Mirage Theme DeckOn August 4th, we announced that we would hold a "Design a Mirage Theme Deck" Tournament in Magic Online. Markus Pettersson was the winner and has submitted his deck choice to Wizards R&D. So Magic Online needs three other Mirage theme decks. Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar is building one in his column right now. Wizards R&D is entirely responsible for one.

Guess who gets to make the remaining one? That's right: you do!

You, the readers of, will get to vote five times to help determine what goes into the last Mirage theme deck. The first vote is at the end of this article. But first, a few guidelines!

Theme decks need to follow a general formula, so that they remain a good way to have fun with a Magic: The Gathering expansion. A theme deck is usually two colors. Two colors allows a theme deck to display more of an expansion and exploit additional synergies while retaining focus. They're called 'theme' decks because they follow a uniting idea, or theme. This can be one unique to an expansion, such as phasing from Mirage, or a more general theme, like beatdown or control.

Once the colors for a theme deck and its concept are determined, one copy of each of two different rare cards needs to be chosen. The rares need to be a part of or contribute to the theme.

Creatures are the foundation of the commons and uncommons making up much of the rest of the deck.

Finally, spells that reinforce the theme and cover some remaining holes fill up the remainder.

Color Pair October 6
Theme October 10
Rares October 13
Creatures October 24
Spells October 27

Those are the five votes...Color Pair...Theme...Rares...Creatures...Spells. R&D will use the results of each vote to set up the next, and all of them together as the basis for this Magic Online Mirage theme deck. Once the community has picked a color pair, we'll come back on October 10 with some possible themes, and then once there's a theme, we'll come back on the thirteenth with some options for Rares, and so on.

Looking at Mirage through Gatherer is a good way to get information to help you make an informed vote.

Note that we've left out color pairs from the vote that would step on the toes of the other three decks; for example, Jay is making a Spirit of the Night deck, so Black won't be an option here.

[The survey originally included in this article has been removed.]

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