You Make the Mirage Theme Deck - Part 2

Posted in Feature on October 10, 2005

By Frank Gilson

You Make the Mirage Theme DeckThe color pair vote went up on October 6th, and the results are in: Red/Blue is our winner!

Theme deck color vote
Red/Blue 4112 25.7%
Red/Green 3635 22.7%
Green/Blue 3130 19.6%
White/Red 2570 16.1%
White/Blue 2551 15.9%
Total 15998 100.0%

We would now like you to vote for one of several possible themes for this deck.

A theme unites the deck along a common idea. It provides a framework for card choices. It gives insight into how the deck should play.

Themes can be of different types; a theme could be based around a mechanic that an expansion uses, such as phasing or first strike. A theme can be a type of play, like control or beatdown.

Color Pair October 6
Theme October 10
Rares October 13
Creatures October 24
Spells October 27

Themes can also be conceptual. That's harder to describe, but examples might be 'Two Elements: Fire and Air', or 'Mystical Spirits.'

The color pair Red/Blue would seem to suggest the following vote.

[The survey originally included in this article has been removed.]

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