Posted in NEWS on October 24, 2013

This land of rare, primal mana is precarious, unpredictable, and lethal. And that was before the Eldrazi…

Large and mysterious stone hedrons litter the plane and sky, remnants of a strange and ancient civilization that wielded unimaginable arcane power. Long ago, that civilization collapsed for reasons few know.

Unlike other planes, Zendikar hosts a unique spell-like mana that seems nearly alive to those who wield it. This raw power makes Zendikar a dynamic world, ever changing and crackling with intense magical effects. Seas blast forth geysers of elemental water. Mountains lurch up and down to crush those who would scale their heights. Forests alter their flow of gravity or patterns of growth. The land and its botanical life sometimes writhe, as though in pain. This volatility is called "The Roil."

It's known as a deathtrap—a place of deadly perils, where mana-hungry Planeswalkers and explorers risk their lives to exploit its treasurers. But now the perils have taken an even deadlier turn.

Unknown to the plane's denizens, there's a sinister reason for Zendikar's danger. For millennia, the depths of this plane have imprisoned the Eldrazi, astral monstrosities from between the planes. Now the Eldrazi have awakened—and they're devouring everything in their path.

As if that weren't enough, the presence of the Eldrazi has caused a host of bizarre, lesser drone creatures to spring into existence: the brood lineages. They, too, were imprisoned, along with their Eldrazi hosts.

Unable to escape back into the Æther, the Eldrazi turn their dread appetite on the plane to which they are trapped.

The cunning explorers and survivors who once learned to coexist with Zendikar's wild dangers now face an unfathomable force. Petty squabbles across the continents die in irrelevance. Elves and humans, goblins and merfolk, kor and vampires, rush to defend Zendikar from its astral inmates. Hope is scarce.

The cruelest joke of all? The fate of Zendikar may rest in the hands of two Planeswalkers, Nissa Revane and Sorin Markov, both enemies to the core.