How to Redeem a Code on MTG Arena

Did you receive a MTG Arena game code during Closed Beta?

The game code you received may provide you with:

  1. Closed Beta Access
  2. Closed Beta Access & In-Game Item
  3. In-Game Item

Currently, game codes can only be redeemed in-game in MTG Arena. To access MTG Arena, you must have a MTG Arena account and the MTG Arena game client, both of which are free.

How to Redeem Closed Beta Access

If you already have access to the game, there is no way to redeem an additional Closed Beta access code. Continue to the next step if you are redeeming an in-game item.

  1. Download the MTG Arena installer HERE.
  2. Install and launch the MTG Arena game client
  3. Create your MTG Arena account
  4. When prompted, enter your code to gain immediate access to the Closed Beta

Please Note: If your code also rewards an in-game item, continue to the next step. The in-game item is not immediately rewarded when you gain access to the game.

How to Redeem an In-Game Item

  1. Navigate to the Store
  2. Click the “Redeem a Code” option
  3. Enter your provided code in the text box, including all dashes
  4. Click “Okay”
  5. You should receive a success message and the in-game item is automatically awarded to your collection

Having Trouble Redeeming a Code?

There are a few things that could be keeping your code from working. Check through each of the troubleshooting items before contacting Customer Support.

  1. Make sure you use all dashes. You will need to include dashes for the code cards to work. Make sure the dashes are typed out as they appear on the card.
  2. Double-check what you typed. Make sure all numbers and letters are in the correct order. All letters in your code should be lowercase. And all dashes should be in their appropriate place.
  3. Your codes may not reward items. If you are trying to redeem an in-game item, check where you received your code from. A Closed Beta access code does not reward in-game items.
  4. Your code may already have been used. Most codes are single-use. If you received a code second-hand, there is a chance it was already used to redeem an item. Check with the source of your code first.
  5. You may have reached your code redemption limit. Most code types that can redeem for an in-game item have a limit to how many can be redeemed per account. Read the legal text of your code card to understand what those limits are per account.
  6. Your code is country specific. Some codes are country specific and must match your country before you can claim them. Country-specific codes cannot be transferred from one country to another.

If none of the above works, please contact Customer Support and we’ll help you out with your code redemption issue.


Q: What is it?

With the release of Dominaria, players in New Zealand will be able to get MTG Arena codes inside select Dominaria booster packs.

Q: What countries or regions are participating in it?

This is a limited test for Dominaria for players in New Zealand.

Q: What if the player is not participating in the MTG Arena Closed Beta?

The test codes provide MTG Arena Closed Beta access as well as in-game item(s).

Q: Why are you running this as a test in such a limited region?

We are taking the development of MTG Arena extremely seriously. We want to be sure we have a good handle on the implementation and implications of it before we consider offering it on a global scale.

Q: What do the codes give players?

The codes will provide players with one of two in-game items at the following drop rates:

  • 10%: One (1) Dominaria booster pack - Mythic rare Dominaria card drop rate 1:8
  • 90%: One (1) Dominaria card (below) and 100 gold - Equal drop rate
    • Benalish Honor Guard
    • Syncopate
    • Drudge Sentinels
    • Ghitu Journeymage
    • Llanowar Elves

Q: How many codes can a player redeem?

MTG Arena accounts will only be able to redeem up to ten (10) of these codes. Attempts to redeem more than that will be rejected by the system.

Q: Is this test a preview of what players should expect for the full launch of code redemption?

Not necessarily. These rewards are our first test integrating codes into product and will likely be changed or tweaked in the future. This first implementation is intended to test the redemption process. As with any test, players should expect if and when we do this again that it will look different in some or all ways based on what we learn from the test.

Q: How long will these codes be valid?

The redemption codes in Dominaria boosters will expire on May 1, 2020.

Q: Are codes limited to New Zealand?

Code cards will only be available to New Zealand residents via booster packs and prerelease packs from participating stores in New Zealand during this test.

Q: How will I know if my booster pack has a redemption code in it?

All Dominaria booster and prerelease packs in New Zealand that come with a redemption code have an indication on the packaging that an MTG Arena code is inside the pack. The booster packaging has a yellow band that bears the MTG Arena logo and says “Reward Inside.”

Q: What stores will receive this product?

This product is available to all Wizards Play Network member stores in New Zealand.

Q: What Magic product has boosters with redemption codes?

Booster packs (found in 36-pack Dominaria displays) and Dominaria Prerelease Packs will be redemption code boosters. Dominaria Planeswalker Decks and Bundles do NOT have redemption code boosters in them.

Q: Will there be any account wipes after players redeem codes?

Yes, MTG Arena plans to have one final account wipe at the end of Closed Beta. Any in-game items you redeem with the New Zealand test codes before the wipe will be re-added to your account after the wipe.

Q: Is this coming to Magic Online and other future digital games?

This is our first test with code redemption in paper products for our digital games. This test is exclusively for our new MTG Arena Closed Beta, but we are always exploring and considering ideas for the future.

Q: What card does this replace in boosters?

These codes do not replace any of the 15 playable cards in a Dominaria booster pack. They replace the advertising slot we include in the booster pack on the back of token cards.

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