Judge Article Archives

Rise to Your Responsibility 2011

The Adult Judge

Regular REL: Deviate like Hell

Body Language of a Leader

How to Make a Magic Tournament a Great Experience

Explaining the Level 1 Practice Exam

Body Language in a Ruling

Contacting Rules Advisors: The Hidden Part of the GP

GRV – Three Letters Meaning Confusion

The Road to L1

Draft Organization at Large Events

So You Think You Can Judge at a Pro Tour?

Role of the Rules

Judge Bingo: What is It? Why is It?

Team Leading, Part Two

Team Leading

2HG Guide for Judges

Properly Reporting a DQ

Judging from a Black Hole of Magic

The Layer System

1996 Canadian Nationals Judge (Referee) Report

Handling Investigations

What Is a Local Judge?

The Infraction Procedure Guide and Unsporting Conduct

The Art of Eight-Man Drafts

How to Get Through a Day of Judging

How to Sell a Ruling

A Matter of Perspective

Art of Mentoring

Leadership and Team Management – A Theoretical Approach

From Certifier to Certifier

Dealing with Disabled Players

Mnemonics and Helpful Notes

Having Lands on Hand

Who are DCI Judges? A Rules Advisor's Point of View

Managing Public Events at Grand Prix

Logistics: If You are Doing It Right, No One Will Notice.

Critical Moments

Working Towards Level 2

The Growth Mindset

What to Do & Expect at Your First Big Event

A Guide to Deck-checking

Regular Vs. Competitive – A Comparison

Making a Good Level 1 Judge

Just how fast is a rules document?

Missed Trigger Remedies

A Framework for Communication


No Really, Why Do We Judge?

The Twelve Mistake Program to Becoming a Better Judge

The Training Cycle

My First Grand Prix

The Interaction of Continuous Effects

Getting to Level 2

Shortcuts – Understand the philosophy of PG section 51

Leadership: A Book Review

Demystifying Presence

Keeping Busy: Ongoing Judge Tasks

Practical Approach to Slow Play

Player Communication Guide

Preparing to Judge a Tournament

Where have all the examples gone?

Why is "Just Rolling a Die" So Bad?

Submitting Content for the Judge Center

The Stern Lecture

Czech and Slovak Judge Conference

Lies My Old PG Told Me

Sleeves: When to Disallow

Future Sight Prerelease and the New Penalty Guide

Outside Notes

Game Play Errors - The DVD Commentary

Important Changes to Rules and Penalties

Team Leading

From Decks to Dice

Crimes of Omission

Applying Penalties

Lying To A Judge

Why is being a “Nosy Goblin” cheating?

Shuffling Dos & Don’ts

Unclear use of card names on deck lists

Thirty Common Mistakes Players Make

Building a Judge Community

Lessons Learned From Being A Head Judge

Maximizing Tournament Experience

Prerelease Tech

GP Richmond 2006 – The use of the mid-round deck check

From L2 to L3

How To Study For Level 1 Judge Certification

Holding a Regional Judging Seminar

Tips for Judges

Judging the JSS

Reviews that Work

Three Steps to Level 3

Judging Duel Masters

Making Rulings Better

Time Issues

Judging Two-Headed Giant

"What store do you judge for?" - Local Judges and Organized Play

Learning on the Job – Part 2

Learning on the Job – Part 1

Do you speak English? - Multilingual judging

Shortcuts – Use and Abuse

Why judging at the Pro Tour is worthwhile

Dealing with Difficult Players

Judge Requirements and Responsibilities

Top Judge Article 2004 - Ruling by intent

Deck Checks

How to survive a Level 3 test>

Ruling by intent

Why head judging a Grand Prix is harder than the ProTour

Practical Advice for Your First Pro Tour

Judging Type 1 tournaments

Chains of Mephistopheles

Public Speaking for Judges (Part Two)

Public Speaking for Judges (Part One)

Sleeves: Then and Now

A Quick Reference Handbook for Judges

Event Logistics

The Road to Level 3

PT Yokohama Article Followup

Using multiple computer entry with DCI Reporter

The Electronic Judge - Web Enabled

Floor Judging a Grand Prix - Practical Tips

The Electronic Judge

JUDGE POINTS: Pro Tour Chicago 2003

I want to be a Judge....

How to organize a tournament, Part 3 - Getting the most out of your Judges

Preparing the Players of the Future

JUDGE POINTS: Extended '03 Part 1

When are players cheating?

Dealing with a DQ

JUDGE POINTS: Future Sight

Judging Alone

Learning to Judge

JUDGE POINTS: Playing Competitively

Tips for Level One Judges

"Judge!" What to do when called.

Tricks of the Trade

Why do we judge?

Floor Judging Do's and Don'ts

Answering Online

You know the rules, but do you know how to judge?

The Dream of Judging at a Pro-Tour

Training local judges for fun and profit

How to organize a tournament, Part 2 - Scorekeeping


How to organize a tournament - Part 1: The Venue

Deck Checking

Barcode Scanning in DCI Reporter

The Art of the Side Draft

Diary of a Judge Trainee

The Business of Judging: SWOT Analysis

Wearing a Many-Feathered Cap

The Business of Judging: The Assembly Line

Should Level 1 Judges write for the Judge site?

DCI Reporter: Beyond the Basics

Level 3 Advancement Recommendation Guidelines

Outsiders Looking In: Creating a Good Impression

Judges FAQ - James Lee Speaks

JUDGE POINTS: Writing Judge Reports

Dressing the Part

The Business of Judging

Judging Local Tournaments

Extended Refresher

Tips for Judging Extended

The Judge, Jury and Executioner

Judge Points: New Penalty Guidelines


Clinic Team Draft

JUDGE POINTS: Professionalism

Making the Right Call

DCI Reporter: Beyond the Basics II


DCI Reporter: Beyond the Basics

JUDGE POINTS: Your First Pro Tour


JUDGE POINTS: Worlds Rulings

Mentoring New Judges

How to prepare for the Level 3 test

Judging with Different TO's

Using the Rulebook

Judging at the Professional Level

Judging IBC Tournaments

Collusion and the Appearance of Impropriety

The Combat Phase

Getting the Most from Deck Checks

Leadership and Judging

Ruling Concept: Back to Basics

English Nationals Briefing

Being the Iceman

Tips for Young Judges

Analyzing a Judge's Attitude

The Delphi Test #2

Determination, Perseverance and the Ability to Hear Constructive Criticism


Most Common Procedural Errors

Prophecy FAQ2

Treating Players Equally

Ruling Concept: Judging a Judge

To Be or Not To Be Lenient on Younger Players?

Level 3 Judge Testing (at GP-Frankfurt)

Tournaments in West Virginia and the DCI

Ruling Concept: Contextual Awareness

Promoting Magic in Poland

Taking the Plunge

Guide to Deck-Checking

Some Thoughts About Unsporting Conduct

Hunting the Rules Breaker

Deck Check Procedures

Philosophy: Magic as a Professional Game

Judging Style for Varying Tournament Types

Welcome to the Fold

Running a Booster Draft

The Delphi Test #1

Making the Most of the Three-Judge Rule

The Rules Change When the Lights Go On

Running an 8-Player Zone Draft

Deck Checking

The Piano-Playing Dog

Changes to the Comprehensive Rules (Unofficial)

Learning More About the Rules

God and Gaming

Keeping your Cool

Tips, Tricks, and Hints for Running a Successful Event

Quality Communication - Active Listening as a Requirement for Quality Judging

The Stenger Traffic Flow System

To Play or Draw is Determined by the Structure

Promoting the Event

Handling Your Judge Staff

Sleight of hand, Sleight of Mind

How To Get More From A Tournament

Keeping Your Distance

A Level 3's Guide to Mentoring Judges

How to Be a Better Judge

How to Adjudicate Card Misrepresentation

Preparing to Judge (and Organize) a Tournament

Welcome to Your First DCI Tournament

Playing for Fun

A Player's Guide to Tournament Play

How to Develop a Supply of Good Local Judges

Judges as Educators, not Enforcers, of the Rules

20 Years from Now

How Classic (Sixth Edition) Rules and 50-Minute Rounds Will Make Me Fatter

The Warning System and You

Five Things Judges Should Never Do

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