Magic: The Gathering’s 25-year legacy is impressive. Featuring innovative game design, incredible art, and story, the possibilities for the next 25 years of Magic are endless. But you, the players and fans from around the globe are who make this more than a game – you make it a community. Check out how the history of Magic: The Gathering is a part of your own story.

We've printed a lot of Magic cards. 25 years of booster packs, starter decks, Planeswalker Decks, Duel Decks, intro packs, From the Vaults, event decks, Commander decks, anthologies, boxed sets, Prerelease packs, preconstructed decks, and whatever the heck Planechase is—well, that's a lot of things.

So many that getting an accurate number is tricky, especially from the game's early years. Then we switched offices and Ronald left the list at his old desk along with his favorite coffee mug. But since 2008, we've got some really great, really accurate numbers up through 2016. Eight years out of 25 may not be the whole picture, but it's a time when Magic grew by leaps and bounds, when the game's popularity was unprecedented, and when we made a whole lot of Magic cards. Check down below to see just how many.

Magic 25th Anniversary Facts & Figures