Magic: The Gathering’s 25-year legacy is impressive. Featuring innovative game design, incredible art, and story, the possibilities for the next 25 years of Magic are endless. But you, the players and fans from around the globe are who make this more than a game – you make it a community. Check out how the history of Magic: The Gathering is a part of your own story.

Magic has changed a lot over the years, and so has the way we talk about it and write about it. DailyMTG, our website portal to all things Magic: The Gathering, has changed a lot as well. Magic Story, the central point for the game's lore, morphed and changed and became what you know and love today. And we're proud of how these windows into our Multiverse have developed, so below you'll find the best and most beloved articles, stories, and wallpapers from recent history. The best, though, is always yet to come.

Most Downloaded Wallpapers


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