Do you have what it takes to represent your country against the rest of the world? World Magic Cup Qualifiers pit your nation’s best against one another in three separate tournaments, with the winner of each tournament earning an invitation to the World Magic Cup and the chance to battle for the ultimate national bragging rights.

The World Magic Cup is an annual Magic event, gathering representatives from nations all over the world to compete in a unique team format for the ultimate national bragging rights. Teams of four, representing more than 70 countries, face off every year over a multi-day, multi-format event to crown the World Magic Cup Champion.

2016 World Magic Cup Qualifiers

2016 World Magic Cup Event Info


Eligibility and residency requirements are found on the Premier Event Invitation Policy.

If you’re good enough to win a qualifier, find your teammates by scoping out the World Magic Cup invitation list and get in touch with them. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you to take on the world!


This year's World Magic Cup Qualifiers will feature one Standard Constructed tournament and two Modern Constructed tournaments.




First place in each World Magic Cup Qualifier earns an invitation and airfare to compete in the World Magic Cup. Top 8 competitors will also receive an exclusive playmat, and all participants will receive a limited-edition promotional card, while supplies last. Local organizers may also provide additional prizes.


Participants must have been a continuous resident of the country since the first of the previous calendar year and must earn an invitation to their country’s World Magic Cup Qualifier by achieving one of the following standings:


  • Tournaments are run at Competitive REL (Rules Enforcement Level) with a 5x Planeswalker Points Multiplier
  • The number of rounds is determined by attendance
  • Swiss rounds are 50 minutes long and best two out of three matches
  • The Top 8 players at the end of the Swiss advance to the playoffs
  • Playoff matches are best two out of three, single elimination, and untimed


The players eligible to receive a travel award will receive instructions from Wizards of the Coast regarding whom they must contact and the deadline by which they must arrange their travel awards. Wizards of the Coast will not refund travel made outside this service. Wizards of the Coast reserves the right to award a cash equivalent award in lieu of any travel award in its sole discretion.

All travel itineraries must be from the international airport nearest the player's home and to the host city of the Pro Tour, and must include all the dates of that event. No award will be substituted if member is unable to participate. All other expenses are the responsibility of the member and may include, without limitation, accommodations, ground transportation, taxes, itinerary change fees, passport and visa fees.

This award must be redeemed through member's arrangement of travel itinerary no later than (30) days before departure. Failure to complete travel arrangements as directed by Wizards of the Coast prior to this deadline will result in forfeiture of the award. Every member receiving a travel award must provide to Wizards of the Coast an executed liability release, the appropriate US taxation form (W9 or W8) (or have one on file), current contact information, proof of ID and passport (when required by international destination). In all cases, all such documentation must be provided to Wizards of the Coast, or previously on file, at least thirty (30) days before departure. Failure to timely provide such documentation will result in forfeiture of the award.

Players under the age of eighteen (18) at the time of the Pro Tour will receive a cash equivalent award in lieu of expenses, paid air ticket, and/or hotel accommodations. Such player must still attend, compete, and be listed in the finish of the tournament or forfeit this award.