Are you the best? Prove it. Become the champion of your local WPN member store!

A chance to show your prowess. Events will be either Standard, Draft, or Sealed. Check with your store to find out which!

Sep 10 - 16 2018

Don’t miss your opportunity to prove you’re the best!

Find when your store is running their event.


Booster Draft is a fun way to play Magic where a group (usually six to eight players) opens packs, selecting the most exciting cards to immediately build decks with. Each player only needs three boosters to get started.

How does it work?

  1. At the start of the draft, each player opens a pack and picks a single card. Then everyone passes the rest of their pack to the player on their left. Each player then picks a card from the pack they just received before passing again. This process continues until all the cards in those packs have been selected.
  2. Then each player opens a second pack, this time passing the pack to their right.
  3. After all those cards are drafted, a third pack is opened and passed to the left again.

Once all the packs have been drafted, each player builds their deck from the cards they have selected. You may add as many basic lands (Plains, Islands, Swamps, Mountains, and Forests) to your deck as you'd like. Each deck must have at least 40 cards.


How to Play

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