Grand Prix Charleston 2012

It's been an incredible weekend for Magic here in Charleston. 661 players showed up to compete with their favorite Standard decks. The field was whittled down to 81 players for the second day of competition. When the dust settled only eight players remained. Reid Duke, Peter Kelly, Patrick Cox, Brian Eason, Matt Keene, Gerry Thompson, Morgan Chang, and Jon Bolding were the only Planeswalkers left in the heat of battle.

In the quarterfinals, Jon Bolding dispatched Morgan Chang's four color Unburial Rites deck in a tight three games.

The semifinals saw Jon Bolding up against his worst matchup in the top 8, a significantly more aggressive Rakdos deck being piloted by Matt Keene. Bolding managed to curve out perfectly while Keene stumbled a bit with lands that come into play tapped and Jon Bolding was able to escape the semifinals despite being a massive underdog.

Only two were left standing. Brian Eason's powerful Black/Green/White Tokens deck stood no match against Jon Bolding's Rakdos deck that featured Thundermaw Hellkite and Bonfire of the Damned. Jon Bolding goes home with $3,500, a trophy, and the title of Grand Prix Charleston Champion.

This is Jon Bolding's first major finish and it qualifies him for his first Pro Tour. Be sure to check out Pro Tour Gatecrash to follow Bolding and see if he has what it takes to compete with the best in the world!



(1) Reid Duke

(8) Peter Kelly

(4) Patrick Cox

(5) Brian Eason

(2) Matt Keene

(7) Gerry Thompson

(3) Jon Bolding

(6) Morgan Chang


Peter Kelly 2-1

Brian Eason 2-1

Matt Keene 2-0

Jon Bolding 2-1


Brian Eason 2-1

Jon Bolding 2-1


Jon Bolding 2-0






  • by Steve Sadin
    Top 5 Cards of Grand Prix Charleston 2012
  • by Jacob Van Lunen
    Brian Eason (Black/Green/White Tokens) vs. Jon Bolding (Rakdos)
  • by Steve Sadin
    Matt Keene (Black Red Zombies) vs. Jon Bolding (Rakdos Zombies)
  • by Jacob Van Lunen
    Peter Kelly (Green/White Humans) vs. Brian Eason (Black/Green/White Tokens)
  • by Steve Sadin
    Morgan Chang (4 Color Reanimator) vs. Jon Bolding (Rakdos Zombies)
  • by Steve Sadin
    Reid Duke (Bant Control) vs. Peter Kelly (White Green Humans)
  • by Jacob Van Lunen
    Quarterfinals Round-Up
    Gerry Thompson (Blue/White Flash) vs. Matt Keene (Rakdos Aggro)
    Pat Cox (Blue/White Flash) vs. Brian Eason (Black/Green/White Tokens)
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    Top 8
    Player Profiles
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    Top 16
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    Day 2 Blog
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    Day 1 Blog
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1. Jon Bolding $3,500
2. Brian Eason $2,300
3. Matt Keene $1,500
4. Peter Kelly $1,500
5. Ried Duke $1,000
6. Patrick Cox $1,000
7. Morgan Chang $1,000
8. Gerry Thompson $1,000

pairings, results, standings


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9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


15 14 13 12 11 10

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


15 14 13 12 11 10

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Top 16 - Decklists

by Steve Sadin

Gerry Thompson Top 8

Reid Duke Top 8

Jon Bolding Top 8

Brian Eason Top 8

Morgan Chang Top 8

Pat Cox Top 8

Matt Keene Top 8

Peter Kelly Top 8

We know you love decklists, and when the competition is tight, it can be a hair's breadth between making the Top 8 and falling just short. Here are the following eight players, who ranked 16th through 9th.

Brian Kibler (Top 16)

Owen Turtenwald (Top 16)

Ali Aintrazi (Top 16)

Stephen Michael (Top 16)

Ben Stark (Top 16)

Samuel Black (Top 16)