Have you ever wanted to combine an awesome vacation with tons of Magic playing? Then the Magic Cruise is exactly what you're looking for! Hosted and created by Steve Port of Legion Events, the Magic Cruise takes place February 7-12. Players will enjoy a Carnival cruise leaving from Galveston, Texas and touring parts of Mexico, all while playing tons of Magic! Scheduled events include a Conflux Launch Party, Pro Tour Qualifier, and of course tons of open gaming. For official information, visit the Legion Events announcement.

While the Magic Cruise is an open event, meaning anyone can sign up, a series of qualifiers are also being held guaranteeing winners a free cruise! You can read all about those Top 8 decks here. And make sure to bookmark this page, as updates will continue weekly throughout the season. To find an event near you, click here.

October 12: Roanoke: Tim Furrow

October 25: Burnsville: Ben Woyak

November 1: San Jose: Orie Guo
November 1: Wheatridge: Shaun Piazza

November 8: Seattle: Bill Stark

Pirate Ship