Get your Innistrad Limited skills warmed up, because tickets to Pro Tour Dark Ascension in Honolulu are up for grabs this Pro Tour Qualifier season!

You can test each decklist thanks to our Sample Hand Generator. Just click on the card fan in the upper right of each decklist and you can see what your opening hand could be, along with mulligans and the first three cards you'd draw.

Deck lists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The season runs from October 1 to December 25. For more information about the PTQ season, click here. You can also qualify on Magic Online!

October 8: San Diego, California: Ben Meyer (Attendance: 215)
October 8: Fargo, North Dakota: Andrey Yanyuk (Attendance: 130)
October 8: Kissimmee, Florida: Joe Leigh (Attendance: 173)
October 8: Milford, Massachusetts: Dustin Taylor (Attendance: 228)
October 8: San Antonio, Texas: Haibing Hu (Attendance: 156)
October 9: Edmonton, Alberta: Paul MacKinnon (Attendance: 98)

October 15: Richmond, Virginia: Brian Schneider (Attendance: 175)
October 16: Rochester, New York: Ken Tober (Attendance: 147)
October 16: Magic Online Event #2907394: _Holzi
October 18: Magic Online Event #2907395: Foodatog

October 22: Mesa, Arizona: Jon Kornacki (Attendance: 120)
October 22: Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Dorian Cuellar (Attendance: 106)
October 22: Lenexa, Kansas: Jim Guinotte (Attendance: 97)
October 22: Omaha, Nebraska: Tyler Kozal (Attendance: 61)
October 22: High Point, North Carolina: Kevin Mara (Attendance: 96)
October 22: West Jordan, Utah: Justin Slone (Attendance: 100)

October 29: Costa Mesa, California: Mike Stewart (Attendance: 171)
October 29: Madison, Wisconsin: Andrew Box Klein (Attendance: 205)
October 29: New York City, New York: Frank Skarren (Attendance: 226)
October 29: Magic Online Event #2953965: papasouzas

November 5: Fort Worth, Texas: Brent Kaskel (Attendance: 199)
November 5: Kitchener, Ontario: Kale Thompson (Attendance: 155)
November 5: Lincoln, Nebraska: Kyle Dembinski (Attendance: 78)
November 5: Portland, Oregon: Riley Meinershagen (Attendance: 189)
November 5: Providence, Rhode Island: Matthew Costa (Attendance: 245)
November 5: Rockville, Maryland: Mark Rankin (Attendance: 135)
November 5: Vancouver, British Columbia: Mani Davoudi (Attendance: 164)
November 5: Magic Online Event #2981857: Nosferatu
November 6: Magic Online Event #2981866 : ehhh

November 12: Boise, Idaho: Sammy Batarseh (Attendance: 46)
November 12: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Jason Schousboe (Attendance: 103)
November 12: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Eddie Gamble (Attendance: 247)
November 12: Roanoke, Virginia: Eric Meng (Attendance: 104)
November 12: Magic Online Event #3014335: Deusex1337
November 13: Roanoke, Virginia: Todd Anderson (Attendance: n/a)
November 13: Tallahassee, Florida: Dustin Flora (Attendance: 94)
November 13: Magic Online Event #3014339: CalebD

November 25: Magic Online Event #3076603: bradyoo
November 26: Magic Online Event #3076611: wishkah
November 27: Magic Online Event #3076615: PhilGonzoles

December 3: Henderson, Nevada: Jonathan Job (Attendance: 110)
December 3: Roswell, Georgia: Tony Prosser (Attendance: 119)
December 3: Magic Online Event #3108347: _Stradi_

December 10: Albuquerque, New Mexico: Sam Sanders (Attendance: 64)
December 10: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Aaron McNeely (Attendance: 102)
December 10: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Chris Lachmann (Attendance: 169)
December 10: Seattle, Washington: Michael Gurney (Attendance: 296)

December 17: Edison, New Jersey: Evan Holmes (Attendance: 248)