Refine your Extended skills to earn a ticket to Yokohama, Japan, by winning a Pro Tour Qualifier!

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Exalted AngelLife from the Loam

Decklists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The season runs until March 11. To find a PTQ near you, click here. Pro Tour-Yokohama is scheduled for April 20-22, 2007, and the format is Time Spiral Block Constructed.

January 6: Charleston, West Virginia: Scott Schauf (Attendance: 93)
January 6: Fort Worth, Texas: Mark Dean (Attendance: 66)
January 6: Minneapolis, Minnesota: Trevor Jones (Attendance: 159)
January 6: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: John Alesi-Mullen (Attendance: 198)

January 13: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Ryan Gin (Attendance: 37)
January 13: San Antonio, Texas: Will Lowry (Attendance: 52)

January 27: Indianapolis, Indiana: Phil Cape (Attendance: 171)
January 27: Nashville, Tennessee: Brandon Nixon (Attendance: 149)
January 27: Lubbock, Texas: Tyler Woods (Attendance: 45)

February 3: Los Angeles, California: Iain Bartolomei (Attendance: 125)
February 3: Galway, Ireland: Fergus Deffley (Attendance: 26)

February 10: Denver, Colorado: Brett Piazza (Attendance: 87)
February 10: Detroit, Michigan: Duncan McGregor (Attendance: 149)
February 10: High Wycombe, England: Adam Barnett (Attendance: 96)
February 10: Lafayette, Louisiana: Taylor Webb (Attendance: 73)
February 10: Louisville, Kentucky: Andrew Edgington (Attendance: 136)
February 10: Madison, Wisconsin: Brandon Rutter (Attendance: 183)
February 10: San Francisco Bay Area, California: Jonathan Pearlman (Attendance: 150)

February 17: Fairbanks, Alaska: Steven Birklid (Attendance: 17)
February 17: High Point, North Carolina: Davin Frankosky (Attendance: 154)
February 17: Pompano Beach, Florida: David Irvine (Attendance: 78)
February 17: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Hans Mohler (Attendance: 121)
February 17: Seattle, Washington: Kota Reichert (Attendance: 142)

February 24: Baltimore, Maryland: John Moore (Attendance: 137)
February 24: Colchester, England: Michael Groves (Attendance: 58)
February 24: Columbus, Ohio: Brandon Burks (Attendance: 178)
February 24: Lincoln, Nebraska: Matt Hansen (Attendance: 50)
February 24: Winnipeg, Manitoba: Jesse Speers (Attendance: 44)

March 4: Calgary, Alberta: Francis Toussaint (Attendance: 51)

March 10: Chicago, Illinois: Gaudenis Vidagiris (Attendance: 217)
March 10: Little Rock, Arkansas: Alex Kim (Attendance: 88)
March 10: Portland, Oregon: Kai Davis (Attendance: 49)
March 10: New York, New York: Josh Sandler (Attendance: 181)
March 10: Houston, Texas: Andres Suarez (Attendance: 96)
March 10: Roanoke, Virginia: Chris Jordan (Attendance: 126)
March 10: Wichita, Kansas: Brett McCleaf (Attendance: 62)
March 11: Rochester, New York: Ben Wienburg (Attendance: 106)
March 11: Vancouver, British Columbia: Niko Skartvedt (Attendance: 69)

March 17: Milford, Massachusetts: Zach Hall (Attendance: 84)