Feature: The Magic Game Show

Posted in Event Coverage on December 11, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Mark Rosewater wasn’t the only person to run a trivia game show at Worlds this year. Koichiro Maki’s ran on Thursday, and it followed a more traditional game show format, with the questions rising in difficulty and prizes going from one rare (after answering the fifth question correctly) to a thousand (after question fifteen).

The Magic Game Show had lifelines: a 50/50 option (two wrong answers got eliminated, leaving one right and one wrong answer), “Ask the audience,” and “phone a friend,” although the friend had to be in the audience. (And there wasn’t a phone.)

Before the first game, Maki played Jan-Ken-Po (Rock-Paper-Scissors) against the entire crowd. Everyone who tied or lost had to sit down. Then he played again against the people who had beaten him. He repeated this until there were only two people remaining. Then they played each other for the right to play for ... a THOUSAND RARES!

This happened twice, so we have two sets of fifteen questions created by Rich Hagon. Enjoy! And remember, they get harder as you go along.

Koichiro Maki runs the Magic Game Show

Round One

1) Which of these is the name of a popular card game?

a. Magic: A Gathering
b. Magic: Christmas Gathering
c. Magic: The Gathering
d. Magic: Sausage Gathering

Answer: Magic: The Gathering

2) Which of these did Richard Garfield create?

a. The Internet
b. Shoes
c. Conversation
d. Magic: The Gathering

Answer: Magic: The Gathering

3) After the World Championships, how many events will be left in the 2010 Player of the Year race?

a. 117
b. 53
c. 2
d. Zero

Answer: Zero

4) What comes after White on the color wheel?

a. Blue
b. Black
c. Red
d. Green

Answer: Blue

5) What is the name of the next Magic set? (for one rare)

a. Mirrodin Betrayed
b. Mirrodin Besieged
c. Mirrodin Underwater
d. Mirrodin Pays Heavy Taxes

Answer: Mirrodin Besieged

6) What rarity is Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon? (for two rares)

a. Common
b. Uncommon
c. Rare
d. Mythic rare

Answer: Mythic rare

7) In which country did Magic start its life? (for four rares)

a. U.S.A.
b. China
c. Great Britain
d. Japan

Answer: U.S.A.

8) What keyword is on the card Ball Lightning? (for eight rares)

a. Flying
b. Trample
c. First strike
d. Fear

Answer: Trample

9) Who was the World Champion in 2009? (for sixteen rares)

a. David Reitbauer
b. André Coimbra
c. Antti Malin
d. Uri Peleg

Answer: André Coimbra

10) Which of these cards has a collector’s number of 1? (for thirty-two rares)

a. Boreal Griffin (Coldsnap)
b. All Is Dust (Rise of the Eldrazi)
c. Ajani’s Pridemate (Magic 2011)
d. Arrest (Mirrodin)

Answer: All Is Dust

11) Tarmogoyf gets bigger according to how many card types there are in graveyards. How many different card types make Tarmogoyf bigger? (for sixty-four rares)

a. Five
b. Six
c. Seven
d. Eight

Answer: Eight. Artifact, creature, enchantment, instant, land, planeswalker, sorcery, and tribal.

12) Who was the last non-Japanese winner of Player of the Year? (for 125 rares)

a. Olivier Ruel
b. Antoine Ruel
c. Gabriel Nassif
d. Guillaume Wafo-Tapa

Answer: Gabriel Nassif

13) What was the name of the first Planeswalker novel, written by Ari Marmell? (for 250 rares)

a. Test of Metal
b. The Purifying Fire
c. Agents of Artifice
d. A Pride of Leonin

Answer: Agents of Artifice

14) Which of these is Riccardo Tessitori of Italy best known for? (for 500 rares)

a. Writing
b. Judging
c. Playing
d. Artist

Answer: Judging. He’s the Head Judge of Worlds this year.

15) Which of these countries has exactly one DCI member? (for 1000 rares)

a. Afghanistan
b. Albania
c. Andorra
d. Angola

Answer: Afghanistan. His name is Miguel Terrazas.

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