Posted in SUPER SUNDAY SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 on January 24, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

The 2015 Super Sunday Series Championship features 44 players from 18 countries competing for their share of a $20,000 prize purse. The competitors this weekend received an all-expenses paid trip to Wizards of the Coast Headquarters in Renton, Washington, where they will participate in two days of competition, and also get in on more than a few pick-up drafts with each other as well as Wizards of the Coast staff after hours.

But what is the Super Sunday Series Championship? More to the point, what is the Super Sunday Series?

What Is It?

The Super Sunday Series first began in December 2012 at Grand Prix Indianapolis, a new concept brainstormed by Pastimes tournament organizer Alan Hochman. The concept was simple: offer a fun, competitive tournament that awards a memorable experience that players can participate in on Sunday should they find themselves not competing in Day Two of the Grand Prix main event.

The winner of the Super Sunday Series event at a Grand Prix is invited to a special tournament—which takes place in January after the year finishes up—where they will compete against all other Super Sunday Series winners in a special championship tournament for their share of $20,000. The tournament takes place at Wizards of the Coast HQ, and the winner of each Super Sunday Series receives paid airfare and accommodations to attend and compete in the event.

44 players from 18 countries not only get to enjoy a weekend of Magic at Wizards of the Coast, but they'll also competing for this trophy and the $6,000 first place prize.

However, the championship isn't just about the tournament. The Super Sunday Series Championship gives players from all over the world the chance to enjoy a weekend playing Magic with fellow fans as well as a variety of employees from Wizards of the Coast, including some of Magic's R&D team. The pre-tournament reception last night kicked this off, where many competitors drafted with each other as well as a few staff members as well. Today, they'll be getting a brief tour of the Wizards of the Coast office during lunch as an intermission for the day.

And hey, they also get an extremely limited-edition playmat for competing in the event this weekend!

Given that there are only 44 competitors here this weekend, there are not going to be a lot of these playmats floating around in the world!

“The goal was to have a great feature event on Sunday, and I believe we created something that players have responded to positively,” said Hochman. It was quickly adopted internationally at every Grand Prix and has now become a mainstay at every Grand Prix on Sundays. In fact, it has only continued to grow each year. “Attendance in 2014 was nearly double what it was in 2013,” Hochman continued.

The Super Sunday Series events vary by format at each event. Sometimes there are two offerings on Sunday—one Limited, and one Constructed. Other times, the format for the Super Sunday Series matches the format for the Grand Prix main event. You can always check with the tournament organizer to verify the format for each Grand Prix.

Going Forward

As the program continues to grow, so does the championship and its benefits. Starting with this event, not only will the winner of the championship this weekend take home $6,000 US dollars and a trophy, but that player will also be invited back on an all-to compete in next year's tournament to defend their title.

While the atmosphere is about fun, the prize on the line is very real, and these players will be giving it their all to take home the trophy.