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Posted in Event Coverage on December 13, 2015

By Tobi Hanke, Frank Karsten, and Neale Talbot

Between Unified Standard and Battle for Zendikar Team Sealed, here are the Top 5 Cards of the 2015 World Magic Cup.

5. Radiant Flames

One of the best sideboard cards of the weekend, Radiant Flames gave midrange decks the early board-wipe they needed to wrest control away from Atarka Red and the W/B Tokens deck. There were 14 copies in the sideboards of the Top 8 teams, found in the sideboard of Mardu, Temur, and Jeskai decks, and was one of the key reasons Italy liked their matchup against Atarka Red, as their larger creatures could survive the burn. It's the red card that kept the red decks in check.

4. Herald of Kozilek

Reducing mana costs has always been powerful, but it was Scotland who abused the mechanic with three Herald of Kozilek in a single Team Sealed deck. In one instance, they used the creature to set up an limitless recursion of Brutal Expulsion with Ulamog's Reclaimer. In another, they used it to cast Gruesome Slaughter with enough mana to play a second colourless card to triple-tap Nettle Drone (take a moment to process that, and you'll understand just how gruesome this sequence is). For crimes against converted mana costs, Herald of Kozilek is one of the Top 5 cards this weekend.

3. Dragonlord Ojutai

Esper Dragons was one of the three most popular decks in the tournament and ended up being the most played deck in the Top 8. What set the deck apart from other control strategies was its uncanny ability to switch from defense to offense. Time and again, opponents tried to overpower the Esper deck's defenses with cards like Mastery of the Unseen, Outpost Siege, or the megamorph package of Deathmist Raptor plus Den Protector. Time and again, Dragonlord Ojutai taught players a cruel lesson in how misguided such undertakings really were.

2. Become Immense / Temur Battle Rage


50 of the 291 players played Atarka Red as their weapon of choice, the deck you could never tap out against without risking instant death. It the most played deck of the weekend and heavily swayed the metagame; you had to consider it during deck building as you were almost certainly going to play against it. The core of Atarka Red was the combination of Become Immense and Temur Battle Rage, which, combined with haste creatures, allowed staggering amounts of damage to come out of nowhere.

1. Collected Company

Collected Company proved to be utterly CoCo-nuts, present in both the various Rally the Ancestors decks as well as the aggressive Temur builds. The Rally decks with 27 creatures had an 86% chance to hit two creatures, and the Temur decks with 22 creatures had 74%. As such, it turned attacking into an open board a nightmare for opposing decks; damned if you do, but damned if you don't, as how can you possibly let such an opportunity go?

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